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Tragic Conditions Today.


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haha i was tripping out. i was thinking that looks like longie head


nice photo

i live across the tennis courts

house is being built

never really caught anything off th beach except sharks and rays

hows the reef



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Hi Kingies

I believe the Sydney sand is that colour due to the Sandstone cliffs that surround the Sydney region - from the constant wearing down by the pounding seas, the cliffs collapse & becomes washed up onto the beaches as Sydney sand. Very coarse & very yellow/brown in colour.

Totally unlike our sand up here, which is your normal fine, creamy white sand!



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According to seabreaze, the weatther was meant to be good until around 10am, and my plan was to stay up all night and leave at 5am..Well it got to 430am and i quickly slipped into bed but only for one second..That one second turned into 6 housr :mad3::mad3::mad3::mad3::mad3:

I woke up at 11 :1badmood::1badmood:

Top pics!


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