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What Are Raiders Doing This Weekend?


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What are all the fishraiders getting up to this weekend?

the 7th,8TH July 2007

Finish boat off for me :thumbup:

Also Don,t Forget This Thursday 5TH July we are having our 3rd workshop


Also it's not to late to attendee this weekends social

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the waterways.

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Im doin double shifts at work due to the fact the aircraft carrier USS Kitty Hawk and

four other US ships are in town,its gona be hectic in and around the CBD,Woolloomooloo and

Kings Cross with about 7000 yanks in town.

Sad thing is I cant get out for a fish.


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Our Drift Car is racing at Eastern Creek this weekend.


We just put a Gen 3 V8 engine into it as we were having problems with the Nissan twin turbo engine.

It should be a blast.

Look out for it on SBS, Channel 9 and 10, as well as Fox sports in the coming weeks.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong with it.



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If it's even half fishable, I'll be chasing those Bonito that teased me all of Sunday over the weekend.

Fishraider Workshop tomorrow :thumbup:

See everyone there


Like the few that constantly swam around us at Doll's Point wharf and didn't even go close to the bait :1badmood: Nice fish to look at, shame the bastards didn't wanna be taken out of the water.

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