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Broke My New Surf Rod!


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G'day raiders:

just bought a 12' surf rod for $60 from an big Victorian online tackle shop called ##########. anyone heard about it?

it was a 5 pieces rod made of 24T carbon fibre. it should be able to hold 15kg weight as it classified. with my test, its not as flexible as my fiberglass rod. I'm a rookie fishing enthusiastic so i really don't know the difference between fiberglass, carbon fibre and graphite fishing rod.

anyways, yesterday I was so excited to try my first cast on that rod. the 50lbs line accidentally looped on a tree branch and 'bang"... the middle section broke into 2 piece.... :1badmood: That ruined my whole day as i loved that rod so much. for a surf rod, its so handy to carry around and considerably cheap (I don't have a car and sometimes I carry the rods around to some fishing spots)

I had my line looped on a wharf bar with my 2-5kg 2m fiberglass rod before, but nothing like that happened.

wondering if carbon fibre is the right material for long rod? is there any good rod repairing shop in Sydney and if its worth to repair it? the broken section is 80cm in length, Major diameter is about 1.5cm, minor 1.1cm and broken section 1.3cm.





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Q: why did you have 24kg line on a 15kg outfit.

*: trees and rods have always been enemys

*:personaly multi piece or telescopic rods are fragile and i dont put alot of faith in em even though i do use em.

*: if you had of bought it closer to home it would be easier to see about getting another section or warranty.

*: and last but not least i've never heard of ####### and can appreciate why thier name comes up like that cause our site sponsors are top people and business people and deserve our support.

(up ya go Flight Manager i get a kick outa that ##### thing)

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Hi Dreaflym

Shame about busting the rod like that, before even hitting the water - car doors, trees, ceilings & indoor fans are all lethal when connecting with a rod - you should have just gone to a park (without trees ...) to try it out. Or better still, the beach.

However, given that it is busted - it looks like you should be able to repair it (or have it repaired) quite easily. It would require an interior sleeve of carbon or something similar ( a bit taken from another busted rod of similar diameter) that gets araldited into it, then overbound with rod binding (I often use dental floss, as it is really thin & strong) & araldited or epoxied again. It looks like that middle section is fairly stiff anyway, so it should not affect the action too much.

If the rod is rated at 15kg, the 50lb/22kg was possibly a bit of overkill (unless using braid, which would have had the same or thinner diameter as the 15kg mono anyway. But the fact you used the bigger line on the rod wasn't the cause of the break - the altercation with the tree was!

Good luck with the repair - hope you get into some fish with it!



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unlucky on your break

You should be able to get it repaired by a Rod builder

Try contacting the supplier as they may have stock that has been broken and may have spares of

the piece your after.

carbon fibre /graphite does not take a blunt shock well , but saying that they can take hits and they are okay.

but then a hit in a certain point on any rod will break it.

When you load a 12ft surf rod up for a cast they produce a greater amount of power

then a 7ft er in my opinion .

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best option would be to get a replacment piece. get in contact with the manufacturer/importer or the tackle shop you bought it.

5 piece rods are crap but have good applications like taking it hiking/camping or keeping it in the car for a sneaky fish on the way home from work

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Thanks for all the advices guys.

Yea, I know the multi piece rod is more fragile. But it fits in my bag so well. so I will probably visit fishfinder store to get it repaired.

what a painful lesson! definitely gonna take more care using long rod next time!

Thx again


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Hey MAte,

A multiple piece rod for $60 and rated to 15kg does not sound right- and a carbon rod at that. A good quality carbon blank alone will be upward of $100, so I dont know how these guys can offer a true carbon multiple piece rod, rated to 15kg and includes all componentry.

Tony is the whiz at this stuff, so get him to have a look at it and he will tell you very quickly whether it is worth getting fixed or not.



Hi ANthony

i suspected its quality too as it come from online retailer. I had test on the rod, its just not as flexible as my fibreglass rod. I will ask my mate to take me to matraville for an inspection when he has time. thanks


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Sorry to hear about your bad luck. The $$$ you paid for it suggests it was of inferior quality. :thumbdown:

On the upside sometimes breaking a rod can be a good thing. My mates gave me a one piece custon 12 ft Jew stick some years back. I never caught a fish on that rod. After owning it for 3yrs ( fishless! ) I went too close to the trees on a beach track near Forster & snapped it while it was on the roof racks. That night I got a 9kg Jew on my spare rod. The rod I replaced the broken one with nailed me a 21kg Jew from the sand 1st trip out!

Thank god that voodoo rod is goneee!!!

At least you didn't break it on as good fish.



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