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Social Events For Fishraiders


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Hi all and thankyou for the enthusiasm shown on this subject.

Fishraider Social Days are fast becoming the must go to events of the year and because of this they must be organised properly.

The logistics can be a nightmare ,venues ,parking,food ,permits if more than 100 people just to name a few.

Most members do not have the access on the Site to run and edit these large events and that is why we have decided to do the Socials in this fashion.

Ross (Flightmanager)organise these special events with the help of Admin and all the other Moderators.

After much deliberation :wacko: it has been decided there will be 4 Socials sanctioned by Fishraider

Those being The Entrance Social,The Hairtail Social and two others which will be decided by consensus.

Mrsswordfisherman will make an announcement soon on the dates for all Socials and they will be added to our calender for the whole year.

That will give members plenty of advanced warning to organise themselves for these events.

Members may still want to have fishing days together with like minded fishos ,but these will not be called Fishraider Social Days.

If you have any questions or queries on the above ???? do not hesitate to contact Admin or one of the Moderators :biggrin2: .

Regards Administration.

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We are contemplating having a trout Social at Lake Lyell in late April or May next year .

There is a poll in Social events which will give us some indication of interested parties :biggrin2:

Cheers Stewy

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Oooooh!! A trout social - that would be fun!! Are you allowed to put kayaks in the lake??


Absolutely and the yak would be great in the dam.

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G'day Sid ,

Fishraider Social days are organised at various times during the year . These days are FREE for all of our members , and include a BBQ ( also free).

Usually , we will target a particular species ( ie Kingfish , Bream,Flathead trevally hairtail) depending on the time of year . There are usually prizes donated by our terrific sponsors , for largest fish , best fish caught by a junior etc. Most socials can either be fished land based , or on a boat , many boat owners make spots available on their boats for members who do not have one .

Ou social days are always popular , typically , we cater for well over 100 members on the day.

These events are always advertised well in advance , so that you can organise your calendar to be free !!

Looking forward to seeing you at the next one !!


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