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Seal Rocks


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Hi Guys,

I am heading up to Seal Rocks for the Apec Long Weekend 7th Sept for some RR. I havent visited this area before and as usual am keen to get my line wet.

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with this area and can offer some advice for land based fishing.

Also are there any local charters operating, it could be a good oportunity to get into something decent.


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Hi Cam

Better double check the new Marine Park rules - I heard a rumour that Seal Rocks had been affected more than some of the other areas within it! Hope you get into some good fishing, tho!



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Hey Cam

I use to do a lot of spearfishing and beach fishing down there until June this year when the marine park too over all the spots that I use to fish, and so I haven't been back since.

There is no charters only a small shop with the very bare basic's and I do stress on the very very bare basic they mostly deal in bread and ice creams, there is also 2 caravan parks and a few holiday houses. Take everything you need for the weekend as the shop doesn't have much.

I'm not sure wether the beach out the front of the seals rocks holiday park is part of the marine zone but of the rocks there it a good spot of brig bream and whiting but they are usually quite touchy, the beach itself does have a few good gutters but they were few and far between last time I was down there but we still pulled a few good salmon and tailor on the fresh beach worms that we caught on the beach (there's was no shortage of the worms there)

Anyway Hope you can find a spot to fish with the new marine park


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