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It's Ok Dad.


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my son is almost 2. Ever since birth, I've been hoping that my son would be as keen a fisherman as his old man.

So in the hope of getting him started on the right foot, I thought of helping him catch his first fish.

I had previously bought him a daiwa spin combo from XXXmart and show it to him the sunday morning.

It was amazing, to see the excitement in his eyes as he knew it was his own rod and reel, and the fact that he knew what a fishing rod was!!!!

A mate of mine called me the day before to tell me that he had seen quite bit of baitfish activity down near the boardwalk of pyrmont. I knew this area well but had never been fishing there, but I knew it was quite safe.

So armed with some small prawns for bait and sabiki bait jigs I PROMISED my son that I would catch him fish. I knew from years of experience, that there was no chance I was going to fail with these jigs.

I knew that his attention span would be about 5 minutes, so I had the pressure of producing something quickly.

When we got to pyromont I quickly threw in some old bread in the water for burley and threw in the bait jigs which I had tied the night before.

My son didn't want a bar of me, when I tried to help him hold his rod. He was adamant that he was going to catch his own fish. 5 minutes had passed and not a fish in sight. So in goes more burley. another 10 minutes passes. no fish.

my son is now getting restless. and running around the boardwalk, calling out 'fish' fish'....

I'm sweating in the heat and my head is starting to hurt from the concentration. but no fish. I couldn't belive it. I had promised my son a fish and his old man had failed,..... :(:(

the :wife: is now going on about how I've been fishing for 25years and couldn't even catch a fish for my son.

1.5 hours of changing bait, throwing in burley and my son dropping a rod and reel in the water. I gave up....and off we went to kick a ball around before heading for home.

My son now doesnt say anything when I ask him if he wants to go fishing.... :(:(

but he gave me a kiss before he went to bed that night. :biggrin2:

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dont worry dave i have 2 boys my eldest would get out of bed early for fish fingers let alone going fishing ...his younger brother is the best fishen partner a dad could want... strong to carry the catch home ..help clean ....and tidy the gear up....maybe your young bloke needs a brother dave...bob

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Keep at it mate he will get to like fishing as soon as he gets his 1st fish,

My son lost a rod and reel in the drink on his 1st 4 trips out on the boat.

Now hes a master and hes only 5, my mates dont like it when he comes with

us for a fish coz he embarrasses them. Last time out with us the score was

Mate no1 two Trevs, mate no2 two Trevs, son 5 Trevs, and dad 12 Trevs,

so u can see why they dont like his company on the boat.

Good luck with your boy, im sure he will be a top fishing partner to you in time.


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Can't wait to bring my son along for a fish turning 3 in nine days, the first thing he does when we go under the house is open the capboard with my gear and have a look, the next thing is check on the mower..... Just loves the mover can sit there for a hour watching me cut the grass... I'm sure he will have the same patients with fishing....

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Having your kid as a fishing partner is awesome and very rewarding...I only managed 2 girls and old fashioned thinking would have you expecting a boy to be a fishing partner for eg....but my youngest girl loves fishing and it's a great time out together...be patient with them at the start and let them "claim" the prizes...meaning reel the fish in and be their catch...and they will be hooked and the smile on their face and excitement of the achievement is priceless...

My problem is now my daughter has beaten me in our comps and also for biggest fish...and we set who's rods who's at the start of every fishing session yet she seems to get the luck all the time... :mad3:

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thanks for the words of encouragement. I think i'll try and get him out again this weekend if the weather is good. I might try at Clifton gardens. Are there any bait fish around at this time of year?

I will take all the rods and reels that I own. I have to catch something this time.

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My son now doesnt say anything when I ask him if he wants to go fishing.... :(:(

but he gave me a kiss before he went to bed that night. :biggrin2:

Hahahaha, Mate, I almost felt you were narrating every fishing trip I have with my kids! The requirement to achieve a fish is almost as desperate as hiding a credit card when shopping with the wife!


Sorry to ruin your relationship with your Son , but this is how it works.

Take yourself into the future with , say , another 7 years or so of grey hairs dotting your shrinking hair line.

Now you see me.

When I go and give my kids a goodnight kiss, firstly I go into my 9 year old Sons room and generally break my neck tripping over some flammin monster truck, fall and damage his lego, so he starts crying and tells me that I destroyed his turbo rocket ship and to leave the room or he'll get Mum! (actually his batmobile has created a hole in a wall one night :1badmood: )

Then, if I survive, I go to my 11 year old daughters room and walk out with eyes watering and sneezing my flammin head off from all the powder , perfume, scented flowers in the room, and just about every bloody scented soap that woman may own, clogging my system up.(I smoke: it helps)

Then, after, double dosing with every anti-histomine tablet that chemists can invent, I walk into my 13 year old daughters room. Thats easy, walk in , kiss goodnight, she asks for a quick $20.00 cause she really needs it for something, explains that the phone bill isn't her fault, and then proceeds to talk on the phone again with a girlfriend (always about homework). I walk out with no probs, but realise I have been just conned by a 13yr old.........again.

So................ you have a problem ??????????????


Stumpster :biggrin2:

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