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One Perfect Day On The Reds

Ross Hunter

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Having just spent three days including the Fishraider Tri Boat comp I really was dreading another day chasing yellowfin that are very thin at the moment

The last trip (the day after the Raider day) both Broady and Billfisher never turned a reel, I tried desperately to talk my anglers that morning to go snapper fishing knowing the tuna weren’t there. I nearly convinced them but status quo voted tuna and as a result we caught nothing, sometimes it is better to listen to the Captains advice,

Our Monday charter was a snapper trip to my favourite part of the world, down south at Thirroul.

Although I was a little tired from the three long days and late nights back I went to bed with excitement thinking about a good day on the reds with a couple of Raiders.

There is nothing more boring than being a professional pilchard cutter and catching ZIP. It is not what us professional skippers get any joy out of what so ever.

So it was with pleasure and anticipation of a great day on the reds as I shook hands with “Fishraiders” Greg Lee and the Compleat Angler’s Patrick D…..Two anglers, how good is that?

Two anglers also means me and my crewman Chris Hoile can also fish …beauty!

We steamed to the grounds on a flat calm, breathless morn.

Having arrived I did a sound around to see if we could avoid the jackets, eventually anchoring and fishing floaters.

By 11 am we had almost breathless conditions as we all worked the fish it was obvious to me that both the boys were very good fisherman. However, Pat had never caught a good red so he was keen for a PB…that came when his light spin rod arched and the tussle began. We netted a fine snapper mission accomplished.

We fished hard all day eventually pulled stumps at 4-20 pm we had enjoyed a really productive day with a good bite going most of the day.The sun was low as a beautiful sunset lit the glassy calm ocean as we steamed at 25 knots back the 20 mile to Botany Bay heads.

Dolphins carved through bait, a whale breached on the horizon and we had fished magnificent day. Great Company, good conversation and a great catch of reds and miscellaneous species.

Thanks to my anglers for their great company on the day. To read more visit our site www.gamefishingcharters.com.au also for an update on the Raiders trip














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Nice one ross!!!! good to see you and the boys got to throw in a line rather than just cutting up pillies again!!!! Hope those fin come back soon!!!! Oh yeah we had some of the tuna with some salsa and a light marinade the other day :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Very nice!!!!!!

Thanks again for a slow but great day on saturday, I think we all learnt alot even though only one fish was caught!!!


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We steamed to the grounds on a flat calm, breathless morn.

Having arrived I did a sound around to see if we could avoid the jackets, eventually anchoring and fishing floaters.

Great report and fantastic photos Ross

Did you lose many rigs with the jackets? Do you find that fishing with less weight or unweighted, that you don't get bitten off so often? Just wondering.



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To Ross and Chris

Thank you both for a wonderful day out on your fine vessel Broard Bill.

You run a very professional outfit and made it very welcoming and fun for Pat and myself.

We both learnt alot and caught lots of good fish and had smiles on our faces all day, that's what charter fishing is all about.

We will be back for sure to find tho's bigger reds next time.......


Greg Lee

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Nice one Greg and Pat

Its just like chasing bream only better isnt it :biggrin2:

Lol Iceman

Just like bream but everything bigger with blue dots! :thumbup:

Thos conditions yesterday I recon I could have made it in the Skeeter but without Ross's knowledge there is no way Patty and I could have caught as many fish. The big plus, we didnt have a boat to wash when we got home! :yahoo:


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OK Ross you`ve done it now,

it`s either prove the pics are fake or take the :wife: on a snpper charter! Guess since its your fault it better be your boat.Can you plse pm your fee`s to me and if it makes a difference we could organise mid-week.

However its only fair to warn you that if you put her on to just 1 descent fish you will have a hard time shaking her! You see our first date was a fishing date and we caught a few and that was that!She was in love and I had a full time fishing companion (and lifetime partner she just reminded me. Who I love very much :wub: (you never know when she`s looking over your shoulder))Anyway you get the picture mate look forward to your reply

Cheers Big Ears

(aka Brad and Jen)

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Nice one guys sounds like a picture prefect day fishing

Nice work their Greg and Pat. Well done.

I don't know how you handled riding in a slow boat for such a long period of time :1prop:

Skeeter on the reds that far out :1prop: now that would be worth seeing.



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Hi Ross

We wondered how you went on Sunday

Motored past you trolling a bit after 9am on the way to Browns and figured that

it was Billfisher to the north of you

Sorry to hear you couldn't hook up

We had the same result after trolling and then cubing :thumbdown:

Didn't look like Tony was doing any better either

Good thing the Gemfish were on :thumbup:

Smart crew on Monday for some nice Snapper :thumbup:


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