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Lord Howe Tackle


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Cheerio Raiders

My flight and accomodation are booked, will be leaving the 23rd of September for a week of fishing :yahoo: . The :wife: thinks it's a holiday :biggrin2: . Will be going out a couple of days jigging for kings but also want to do a lot from the shore.

Alright to the important stuff - any tips on what, where and when at Lord Howe would be appreciated. Tony from Fishfinder has given me the head's up for gear and sorted me out tackle wise, well mostly I'm sure to stock up a bit more via Matraville. (Thanks Tone ;) you're a champ.)

If anybody's been, has some tips, warnings etc please let me know, feel free to give advice about anything, jigging, beachfishing, anything.



PS looking forward to the Christmas :drunk:



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Mate Ive got some advice for your trip to Lorde How Island,

TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good time you LUCKY BUGGER! :1fishing1:

Would love to take everyone. :(

More Gear


All packed up with room left for the three smaller spinning reels.

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gday Evil,

I'll try to keep it short because you could write a book on the place.

Firstly there are huge restrictions on baggage weight so choose your tackle carefully, firstly i wouldn't take sinkers or large metal jigs because of the weight, both can be purchased on the island and if your going on the boats they all have pretty good gear, i know the Belle Chase charter has great jigging gear for people to use. Ideally you want to take a 6lb outfit for catching Garfish (the number one bait over there). Then an 8-10kg outfit for catching monster silver trevally (up to 10kg) and spangled emporer, small kings and huge drummer. If you have one take a 24kg LBG outfit, because if the weather is bad you will not get out on a boat but there is almost always a landbased spot to try. Failing this outfit take a 100-200lb handline and use that off the stones.

When and Where.

Depends on where the weather is coming from but this should keep you covered. The southern end of the lagoon holds big kings, they hunt along the shoreline chasing garfish around the lowtide, get down a few hours before the low tide set a light bread and fishoil berley trail to try and get Garfish, get one and fish it live , in the meantime try and keep garfish around by berleying, if they hang around the kings will find you. Also fishing on dusk with the 8kg rod using small fish strips will get you spangleds and trevally, dont fish big dead baits because you will only get sharks! Also you can use the 8kg spin outfit with 9 inch sluggos to chase the lagoon kings, however they come through the shallow water hard and fst so you only get one shot at them.

On the other side of the island there are LBG ledges which should only be fished if its good conditions, off these ledges anything live is good bait, Garfish are number one and using dead baits on a spin rod can be awesome fun. Throwing 85g raiders and poppers works well also. There is a fish called a blue herring or knife fish that you can catch off the rocks that make great bait for xos kings. Bread and fish berley and a light spin outfit to catch these fish. When you berley around the rocks you will always see heaps of big drummer which ar alot of fun, 8kg spin gear straight to a hook and a piece of floating bread crust will get you hooked up.

Any q's just pm me


Cheers fisherman_dan much appreciated. No 24kg LBG gear but will take a Daiwa 30SLD and a 15kg Crystal Blue Powerstick.

Will post the gear tomorrow for suggestions.


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With the size of the Kings there you'll want find someone

to give you a massage at the end of the day :074:

Looks like you have the lures covered

Weather will be the major factor with boating so I hope it's

all good for you :thumbup:

from Oblivienne Sports Fishing


Fishing in the LAGOON we primarily target Doubleheader Wrasse [an endemic wrasse growing to 8kgs and a favourite with Rex Hunt], Silver Drummer, Bluefish [similar to Rock Blackfish but blue], Trevally, and Spangled Emperor, with occasional captures of Kingfish and Kahawai. Around the CLOSE COASTAL grounds we target Kingfish, Trevally, Kahawai, Bluefish, Drummer, Spangled Emperor, and smaller Tuna species. On the DEEP REEFS we target Kingfish, Trevally, Jobfish, various large and small Cod species, and a lucky dip of occasional other species. GAMEFISHING we target Marlin [blue,black,and stripe], Sailfish, Larger Tuna species [Yellowfin, etc.], Wahoo, and Kingfish, with occasional captures of Spearfish and Mahi Mahi.

From sport fishing Lord Howe

Prolific fish

BLUEFISH Girella cyanea. to 4kg. COD BLACK Epinephelus damelli. to 50kg, protected species, but accidental captures inevitable. DRUMMER SILVER Kyphosus sydneyanus. to 8kg. KINGFISH YELLOWTAIL Seriola lalandi. to 45kg. MULLET SAND Myxus elongatus. to 1kg. SHARK WHALER Carcharhinus galapagos. to 100kg. TREVALLY SILVER Pseudocaranx dentex. to 15kg. TUNA MACKERAL Euthynnus affinis. to 15kg, late spring to early autumn. TUNA STRIPED Katsuwonus pelamis. to 13kg, late spring to early autumn. TUNA YELLOWFIN Thunnus albacares. to 100kg. WAHOO Acanthocybium solandri. to 40kg, late spring to early autumn. WRASSE DOUBLEHEADER Coris bulbifrons. to 7kg, indigenous species

Common fish

COD OPAL EYE to 15kg. DART SWALLOWTAIL Trachinotus velox. to 3kg. EMPEROR SPANGLED Lethrinus nebulosus. to 10kg. JACK ALMACO Seriola rivoliana. to 5kg, mainly summer. JOBFISH ROSY Pristipomoides filamentosus. to 15kg. KAHAWAI Arripis trutta. to 6kg. MAHI MAHI Coryphaena hippurus. to 20kg, mainly summer/early autumn. MARLIN BLUE, BLACK, STRIPED. to 300kg, mainly late summer and early autumn. NANNYGAI Centroberyx affinis. to 2kg. RAINBOW RUNNER Elegatis bipinnulatus. to 5kg, mainly summer/autumn. SAILFISH Istiophorus playpterus. to 100kg, mainly summer/early autumn, some years common and others occasional. SWEEP VIOLET Scorpis violaceus. to 3kg, indigenous species. TREVALLY BLUE FIN Caranx melampygus. to 5kg, mainly late spring to early autumn.

Occasional fish

AMBERJACK Seriola durnerillii. to 25kg. BARRACUDA Sphyraena barracuda. to 10kg, and patchy. BASS RED Lutjanus bohar. to 10kg. BONEFISH Albula vulpes. to 7kg, here in numbers but only occasional captures. DART SNUBNOSED Trachinotus blochi. to 7kg. EMPEROR RED Lutjanus sebae. to 20kg. JOBFISH GREEN Aprion viriscens. to 12kg, patchy. MILKFISH Chanos chanos. to 3kg, here in numbers but only occasional captures. MULLET SEA Mugil cephalus. to 3kg. PARROTFISH BLUE BARRED Scarus ghobban. to 5kg. SEA BREAM COLLARED Gymnocranius bitorquatus. to 5kg. SHARK HAMMERHEAD, MAKO, TIGER big. SNAPPER Chrysophrys auratus. to 22kg. SPEARFISH Tetrapturus angustirostris. to 20kg. SWEETLIP Lethrinus chrysostomus. to 9kg. TREVALA BLUE EYE Hyperoglyphe antarctica. to 15kg. TREVALLY BIG EYE Caranx sexfasciatus. to 4kg. TREVALLY BLACK to 8kg. WHITING SAND Silago ciliata. to 1kg.

LAND BASED: Again a year round fishery but a couple of things to consider, if you want a shot at a yellowfin or possibly even a billfish off the rocks then November to June is the go. If you are happy to chase our resident species like Kings [best one off the rocks 96lbs!], Trevally, Bluefish, Drummer, Kahawai, etc. then consider the Value Season time of July to September

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One thing you must take with you regardless of the amount of rods/reels/lures is a GIMBAL - your going to need it!

Do a google search on Lord Howe Island Adventure bound - there is a good atticle there that may help.

Gimbal is packed!!!

Thanks for the responses some good advice and useful info provided. Much appreciated. :1worthy:



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