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Killing Yft


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hi guys!

i noticed that everyone who caught YFT usually kill them by cutting a hole in their head and then..... then run some water through their gills?

i think this is to get rid of their blood?

how is this done and is there any photos or pitures and how to do it somewhere?

just wanting to learn so that i would be able to do the same one day if i hook one??

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Your nearly right , after the notch is cut in the front of the head , they use a steel rod or wire , push it right down the spine , this severs the nerves , and stops the fish from thrashing ( and therefore bruising) . Washing out the blood is done after it has been gutted .

If you do a search on Utube under " Tuna" , there are videos of YFT being cleaned etc at a plant in Japan. Also shows how they are filleted.


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I watched a show on adventure bound where all they did first was kill the fish by using some sore of metal screw and pushing it through the head, they then pushed a knife behind the pec fin a few times and blood started gushing out. I have never seen it done before but it looked like it worked.

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