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Huge Yellowfin From Browns Fathers Day


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hi guys,

well i finally got the time to put the vids up on youtube, its 2 parts to get around the youtube limits....

arron asked me to post for him so ill do my best but hopefully he will add his personal touch to it.......

the story continues after my fish is boated at 12.35

After i got my one aboard Ian and Troy were revving everyone up as its the best time to hook up as he would of had some company while devouring our trail...at 1.30 :yahoo: arrons reel next to me screams and sings that ever so sweet song zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ian is straight over to help and says hold on mate your in for the fish of your life as it easily strips a couple hundred metres of line. after a couple of hard minutes where lots more line lost than gained the question is asked if we wanted to break the trail to win some line back.well not much bloody option is there :1prop: lets chase this bugger and get another angle to help turn this fight in our favour :biggrin2: . we chug along and gain some valuable line and we think yeh baby who is the master now.... then zzzzzzzzzzzzzz :1prop: there goes that statement down the gurgler....so the tug o war continues for another 10 or 15 mins with arron slowly getting more than he lost... the short pumps and winds with a lot of boat roll helps to win this big beast closer to the boat. after a little while its spotted out wide near surfase and someone mentions shark and the questions asked to arron what do you want to do with this big bitey.....he is now moved around other side of boat and a couple min later it finally comes close to the boat :1yikes: shiiiite is the cries from all its a huge yellowfin as he turns back away from the boat..he then decides to play dirty so we are now dancing around the boat port/starboard/port etc as team fishfinder gathers the big gaffs.the double is within reach on more than one occasion and it seems this ones just playing with us as each time we are sooooo close to gaff him he goes down again.. he goes around the back again an this time looks like we are getting closer and as he does his circles arron seems to be able to hold him better and shortly hes near surface. At 2.15pm the double comes up and swivels at the tip and Ian is getting the double set to gaff this huge beast,i know my heart was racing and so i can imagine how arron was feeling then this big beaste somehow found some extra energy and had another run for freedom and as he dove under the boat with arron doing his best to keep line away from the keel piiiiiiiing :ranting2:...bugger ooohs and ahhs from all but what a performance...this fish was est at 60kg+ and had a good sized sickle and at boatside more than once.. it was something to see and i hope the vids show just what a great tussle this was.. the swell was even up alittle more from when i had mine so was extra special in trying conditions.. it was 45 mins of back breaking adrenaline pumping knee rupturing energy draining pain, and loved every minute of it.. im sure arron felt like mike tysons sparring partner after that...

after a few consoling minutes we chugged back to our mark to try and pick up the trail again but after about 30 - 40 min we decided to call it a day as it was real messy out there and a looooong trip punching through it home... we put some lures out for trip home and arrons dad pulled in a nice stripey.. saw a nice whale doing full breaches on way back so that was nice also.....

anyway heres part one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRufUQHrRV8

and part 2

i didnt put music to this so you can get a better feel of the conditions and hear that lovely zzzzzzzzzzz....

hope you enjoy them....... steve....

post-2219-1189079730_thumb.jpg post-2219-1189079773_thumb.jpg

links now fixed guys......

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Cheers Steve, well done.

The one that got away... One things for sure there has been many a rough nights sleep since, if only, what if etc etc. This was my first time tuna fishing and what an exsperience.. This monster grabbed my bait on the retrieve all I felt was a little bit of weight and wasn't sure then a little zzz tightened up my drag and then she realized she had a problem, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, what a rush she must have stripped a good 100-150 yards straight up (estimate) I couldn’t, believe my eye's.... Within a minute Ian (skipper) and Troy (deckhand) had me and the rod all strapped up.... As for the next 45 minutes well there a bit of a blur, all I can tell you is my back was killing, my knee's where sore ( cut both my knees up and had a good 2cm of fluid on the the following day,, bruised an sore), I nearly went in the drink a couple of times and bounced off every side of the boat throughout the duration. This fish took everything out of me, towards the end I had nothing left in my left arm (rod arm) as I was using this arm to try and take weight of my back.... Best feeling ever!!! When I finally saw colour I couldn’t believe my eye's she looked BIG! and then a minute or so later we got another glimpse and as mentioned it was called for a shark oh the disappointment I was shattered and then a few seconds later she rolled onto her side and BLING colour,, TUNA, thank god... To cut a long story short thought I’d mention when the line clipped the back of the boat there was only millimeters in it, if I had only pushed that rod out 1cm more I would have cleared the boat... (My Counselor tell's me it's good to talk about these things)

All in all a Great day out and looking forward to landing one, Arron

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Fantasic report guys - almost felt like I was out there with you! But I would have been providing free berley the whole day!!

What a shame the line clipped the boat, breaking you off, Aaron!! Fish of a lifetime! :(

Great Youtube footage, too!! Well done Steve!

Perhaps as well as the rod bucket & back support, you need to have those gardening/skateboarding knee supports as well??? :1prop: With fish like that on in those conditions, you would be bouncing off all the boating structure just to stay upright!

Well done, boys!


Start saving for your next outing!

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