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Flicks @ Iron Cove

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Hey Guys,

Quit work early last Friday (21/9) and headed straight for Le Montage area of IC. Got there about 2:30PM and decided to try the hard bodies out for a change (Still hoping to get my first legal bream on a HB). Looked at the vib in my tackle box and said NOPE not game enough to lose $23 lure as I have already lost an SX40 previously in the area!!..so I tied on an old thing (cordell rattlin spot minnow)

two casts later it return a Flattie about 45cm in length. I was working the HB like a soft plastic as it was a bibless sinking style lure!!


fished that area of IC all the way till bout 5:30PM changing from HB to SP for nothing else to show for except some promising strong hits but no hookups :thumbdown:

Felt lazy yesterday (24/9) and decided to take an accrued day off :1prop: lucky me...however had to take care of my :wife: as she was very sick. I still found the time in the afternoon to have a flick in IC. Got out there about 4PM and started at the UTS rowing club. This time i was using a 3" drop shot minnow in smelt colour and it only took a few casts and a bream of 28cm fell for my SP.


Kept trying in the area for about 1 hr but with no more luck so I decided to shift spots and drove towards the western side of IC near Victoria Rd. A bit of a walk through some bushes off of the bay run and I ended up in a spot I have never fished before!!.. as I walked up towards the waters edge for a cast my eyes popped out :1yikes: as I saw a school of bout 10 bream easy and 1 was large I mean large easy 40cm+ (i was thinking your the one been waiting for!!!)...unfortunately they saw my ugly face and were out of there before I could introduce my lure to them! :05:

I still had time for a few casts before sundown hoping and wishing that one of the bream I saw would stick around and fall for my lure!! but no luck and I only ended up with another flattie bout 37cm.


All in all a good couple of days of fishing!!!


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wow awesome post plastic_fantastic.

The flatties are a pain in the ass, i just get sick of them after a while. Anyways when the water is shallow and if u're able to see them means they can see u, and they usually get spooked and swims away. Try not having ur shadow over the water next time.

Were you at the very end of the bay? like sumwhere near the stormdrains? cuz i remember theres a little beach thing around there at low tide.

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