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Out Of Tunks Park 26/9/07


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Launched at Tunks around 5.30am. I was joined by fellow Fishraider JayKay for company.

Trolled around Grotto Point for 3 just legal tailor, which we kept as back up bait.

Tried for squid in close at Grotto as I sometime get some nice ones there, but not today.

Trolled around Nth Head but no strikes then saw a large school of salmon so flung small lures at them for a while for 1 hookup which was lost.

It was a beautiful day and the wind dropped right off so when we tried for flathead and mowies etc off Long Reef we didnt move making it a bit hard to fish the drift. We managed 3 flathead and a large Sargent Baker which went back to annoy us another day.

On the way home we had another crack at the salmon school and managed a couple on very small lures cast into the school.

The biggest salmon only went about 62 cms so if it had been a King it would have had to go back. Makes you realise what a legal King has to be now.



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persistance pays off and you scored some great fish. even with the new size limits on kings it will only get bigger and better.

They would probably take anything small, the problem is to get something that you can throw to them. The fly fishermen do Ok because the weight is in the line and they can throw small flies.

Anyhow here are the lures we used today. The top one has caught probably a dozen or more salmon over the last year but it is very light and I cant use too heavy a line with it but it has survived. The lower blue lure got one first throw but then didnt get hit again for a while.

All fishraiders probably know the bag limit for Salmon is 5 fish, but who would want more than that anyhow.

It is a lot of fun to catch a couple for fish cakes or the barby, they are truly spectactular to catch with leaps into the air and powerful runs

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Hi Saltrix,

Just want to say thanks for taking me out today. Certainly taught me a few things and the salmon were fun.

To everyone, when saltrix says that we didnt move when going for a drift, I mean didnt move an inch. even to the point we were 3-4kms off the heads and we were floting pillies straight down without any wait. unbelievably calm out there.

it was great to be out and I met a top fellow fishraider.


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