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Are These Things In Plague Proportions Too?


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Hey there all.

Has anyone else found that big Port Jackson sharks are in plague proportions?

I went out the Saturday before last and got three of them and then last weekend I got another one in my usual flathead drift near lion island.

They are not small either. I dont understand what is going on - are they breeding at the moment or something??


This is just one of them.

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Just about everytime i go out, these days, i'm getting on to some huge jacksons. They seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I used to fish alot down at botany bay and i caught a fair few down there also, but they weren't anywhere near as big as the ones in broken bay. Its a shame that they are not good eating, well not that i've tried one yet.

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Mr A,

Yep they are everwhere. Fished the reefs around the Jibbon Bombora (off Cronulla/Royal National Park) this morning and landed 2 Port Jacksons. There are 2 main varieties caught in these waters, the larger grow to a max of 160cm with the smaller variety to 130cm. The markings in each species are different as are the size of the dorsal and pectrol fins. The names escape me at this time. They can be like having a large concrete block on the end. Rather disappointing when you broing them alongside!! :thumbdown:



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We scuba dive in Winter and there are definitely heaps and heaps of mature PJ's in around rocky headlands. In Summer you can go without seeing one but in Winter you can see as many as 10-40 in a half hour dive all within a small area.

I guess they are feeding pretty actively as they need the energy reserves to breed.

Anyway now is the time for them...

Has anyone ever actually eaten one??

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I must admit that I thought they were protected - although I can't find any reference to this in any fisheries info.

haha ya dude when i just started fishing i got one and some random dude INSISTED that they were protected, saying things like 'if you look it probably has 10 hook marks in its mouth' and 'ive caught heaps of these here before and always threw them back'... had a fight with me on the spot... HA, i was thinking - bro, if you have caught heaps of these here, what does that tell you? that they are a rare fish or they are a plentiful fish? and if they are plentiful, does that lean towards them being an endangered species or not?

but ya, they are bloody EVERYWHERE these days and its the main reason i have stayed away from yarra bay for a while i really cant be bothered reeling it all in, climbing down the jetty just to find one of these things have swallowed my gamakatsus... they pull hard though haha as my brother says 'at least it keeps you occupied'

oh btw i think the pj breeding season has almost passed and its almost the end of their season now so yeah... dunno where i heard that from though...

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I have been renamed the pj king by my fishing mates recently!

I have caught 7 of these things in the last three trips all around bate and botany bay, all big and all on bream gear, even then a rat king goes twice as hard as one of these guys,

it's trully a pain in the backside especially when their stealing your precious livies!!!


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Apec w/end i was down the Sth Coast and landed 11 over a 3 day period.

9 males to just over a metre and the other 2 females both well over 1.2, 1.3m

I think your right in saying the season ( breeding) is just about over, However,

i'm sure there will be a fair few more hook ups before they slow right down.



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Guest Big-Banana

They are not protected, although they are a kind of living fossil, don't stick a knife through their head just because it's not what you're after.

They're pretty docile and let them be I say.

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they r frigging everywhere,

we were using red rock crab to catch gropers on wednesday and even with that we got 2 pj sharks.


brooooooooooooooooooo where the hell have you been man dont ever see you reply check out my posts man!!! haha too much business taxation assignment make me VELLY CONFUSIONNNNNNNNNNN

man take me groper fishing next time alright??? ill show you how to catch sailfish off maroubra alright bro deal

check eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

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