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St Georges Basin 27/9/07


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Hi Raiders.

Just a quick report from last night.

On the water on sun set, had a quick flick with lures in shallows til dark with one Dusky caught 50cm. From there we switched to bait ( WA Pillies ) as I had heard there were reddies caught over the last week or two.

Headed over to the reefs, It was a full moon and not a breeze, perfect weather. Finished fishing around 9.30pm. Final tally Two Pinkies 34cm and 39cm, Two Duskies 50 and 56cm and one Red 58cm on 6lb gear.

The fish are starting to wake up and all looks good for this summer. :thumbup::thumbup:

Take Care


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Good stuff Garth,

Its good to hear that the Basin is starting to fire with the weather werming up.

We fish the Basin every Xmas break & on average the fishing is excellent. We find that hawksbury prawns work a treat catching thumper bream.

Just curious, where is there a reef in the Basin?



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Hey there big feller.

No, I went out with another mate. Every time i go with azza he makes me look bad. The luck has to turn soon.

hahahaha he does that to everyone i think, last time we went out he got most of the action too.

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