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Harbour Flick


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Went out with fellow raiders, greg and luke for a flick this morning.

No bream but plenty of flaties. Also picked up a PB trev that fought hard. he went 49cm.

all fish released

Thanks boys had fun out there




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thanks fellas,

The trev fought hard, went under and around the boat a couple of times and took line on a few good runs,( 4lb braid, 4lb leader ) pity we didn't catch bream this time. Last few outing I have caught the usual suspects except bream.....one day :1prop:

I think the boat is an Attack somethingorother and i was fortunate enough to be a deckie for the day. i'm sure the owner appreciates your comments.


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congratulations on the PB Billy. It put up a good fight. We had some fun out on the water despite the "little dramas" and the fact that I really struggled to find the bream. You're welcome aboard any time...

the boat is an Attack 470 with 115 ETEC. Don't want to hijack Billy's thread, there are pics here http://fishraider.com.au/Invision/index.php?showtopic=23519

cheers, Greg

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