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Maroubra 28th Sept


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late update, but hit the beach again last friday... same as always with the 20lb lines and 3/0 hooks as well as some baitholders, but, invested heavily in gulp before heading out... i got some 2.5' minnow nuclear chicken... my brother got some 2.5' super bright glow minnow... dont really know waht the name is but it looked like disco minnows so yeah...

got to maroubra an hour and a half before the high tide, went to the right of the rip... we used 2 hook paternoster rig, with the gulp on top so it can swim around liek a real fish and attract MAHI MAHI for me to catch... within a few minutes, i got knocked off!!! this fish walked up and ripped my gulp clean off... without touchign the hook... i was like eh??? what kinda fish can do that??? mahi mahi, definitely....

anyway, few minutes later my brother says IM ON and then comes this salmon!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO wasnt particularly big but anyway, ITS A FISH and i mean, what more can we hope for!!!!!!!!!!!!! but, the salmon took the pilchard, not the gulp... so yeah... then next thign ya know, something knocks off my brothers disco minnow gulp, hooks too!! looking at the line closely though it was clean ripped off... i turned around to my brother and said - must be mahi mahi...

at about this time, we were joined by MONDO!!!! hey dude!!!!!!!!!! we soon unpacked a yakka we caught 2 days earlier, and mondo was nice enough to rig it up for us... so me and my brother cast out both screaming yakka power but, soon we would know it was to no avail... our yakka got munched, but just not by fish, and especially not by mahi mahi...

so after that mondo led us to the rocks where we cast in for a while longer... unfortunately, our spot was taken by some other fisho who upon conversing with us, motioned to us that he quite regularly catches salmon around the 1.5m mark here... i was like sure bro...

anyway, nothing was biting from the rocks so we + mondo made our way back to a gutter where my borther and mondo tried for whiting, and i continued to try for mahi mahi... but, soon enough, the night was getting late and mondo headed off... and for the rest of the night, we didnt get much and we went home a while after that...

all in all, that one salmon was nice... another 5000 would have been nicer.... but a big thanks to mondo for everything!!

anyway thats about it... going to be busy sooon have exams and all sorts of other crap coming up but thats ok, fishing is most important of them all!!!!!!!!

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:074: maybe if ur after mahi mahi, you should attatch a float to your rig, as their attracted to floating debris!

as for the paternosta rig! when fishing the beach at the entrance social i was using this setup! and stewy had a small bean sinker running with a short trace about 60cm! after he had caught 4 fish to my 0 i changed my setup to emulate his! after this we were both pulling in the fish 1 after another!

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Great to meet you fellas and to finally put faces to the names. You boys are truly dedicated to your fishing, and to be honest you aren't doing much wrong from what I can see.

As the old Italian fella on the rocks said - sometimes you get 20, sometimes you get none. It's heartening to know that he was having less luck than we were on Friday night. Every bait that we put out came back with the telltale signs of sand-crab attack. There must have been hundreds of them out there - they were certainly unbothered by any predatory fish.

But it was a great night. Warm, clear skies, good company - that's a good night in my books, even if the fishing was crap.

Next time we'll brain them. Looking forward to it.

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Guys detailed report but you are not gonna get Mahi Mahi/ Dolphin fish from the beach......

Mahi Mahi are caught around fads and floating debris offshore and are rarely if ever caught within 5kms of Sydneys coastline.

As suggested you will need to cast over 5kms to catch on from the beach and even then you would have to hope you land next to a fad

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hey everyone!!!

thank you all very much for your replies! and its certainly good to know ive made a few of you crack a laugh!! ok, the mahi mahi thing is a joke, i know theres no chance i can get them from a beach but hey, hope is a powerful thing!! it keeps me going back to the beach time after time after time!!!

big thanks again to mondoooooooooo i hope all is going well for ya, work and fishing... i will have to try and spare some time so we can do it again, but this time, we'll get 20..... billion..... sandcrabs.... no no just kidding we'll get 20 billion jews ya??

to DAVID L, NETIC, CEPH, CARANX and BIG-BANANA, you know with all the drifting and casting talk goign on, ive got an idea - you see, ive always been quite a handy-dude around the house, learnt it from my father, and one of my hobbies when i was younger was to make model airplanes... fast forward a few years, and im standing in hobbie and co, looking at their remote controlled helicopters... im thinking hmmm.... what if i got a mechanical arm which can hold my hooks, then essentially i can remote control the helicopter to FLY OUT THAT 10KM and release the mechanical arm which would then drop my hooks into the deep blue tuna/mahi mahi house... yeah??? stuff ballistic rods theres too much work involved you have to move your arms all about in a quick frenzy.... with the remote controlled helicopters, you only have to move your fingers... much easier!!

TIGER_SHARK i wish you luck man!!! you know, if you get any, you can pm me then ill drive there and we can fish together!!!

hey BIGFOOT!! how you going dude? ya a salmon is something at least... a few times ago me and my brother went to maroubra the same thign happened... within my first few casts i landed a salmon, and then my bro landed a whiting shortly after... this time, he landed the salmon... i was waiting for my whiting for the whole night but it never came!!! stood up by a fish!!!

WILDFISH, want to ask you man when you are talking about the bean sinker with the 60cm trace, is that a running bean down to a swivel with the 60cm trace after that?? if thats an effective rig i will definitely try it!!! reason i dont usually use that is the bait drags along the ground when retrieving and even with baitmate i lose my pillies and my YAKKA so yeah... but is that the rig you mean dude??

and WEBBY, thanks for your reply man you got that right..................


THANKS HEAPS TO EVERYONE!! Shall update as soon as i can!! take care

Edited by dani!o
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yeah thats the rig mate!

pillies do get soft and hard to keep on the hooks at times, but i cant see why youd have trouble with it! and hey if your hook has a bait on it you probably want to leave it out there!

just use enough weight for casting and to keep your bait down in the water! it will move about but this will be a natural look for a bait fish!

when i used the paternosta setup i was loosing a lot of baits without feeling a thing!!! my guess is the fish were feeling the weight and reacting before id feel the bite!

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The people in NZ are funny...

Check this out... http://www.fishingkites.co.nz/articles/mahi_mahi_fishing.htm

If you want to catch mahi mahi off the beach or rocks, they have this article about it on this kite fishing site. With all these kites and submarines, they must not know how to cast their line LOL :074:

Honestly, there are some good things to read on that site if you are bored and want to laugh.

Good luck!

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I knew I shouldn't have come on during work hours lol, now I can't stop looking at the fish.

Here is another link from the same site. But this time they rekon that they have even caught sharks lol, anything is possible. Take a look at the latest catches on the left hand menu for some pretty big snappers.

But for everyone that loves a good load of BS, get this...

The largest great white shark ever taken on a kite weighed 791 kg and was caught at the Boiling Pot, Mazappa Bay, Transkei, South Africa.

It was 3.533 metres long, had a girth of 2.50 metres. The angler, Bill Dalgleish took three and a half hours to subdue the fish.


This was taken from the same site... http://www.fishingkites.co.nz/sharks/great_white_shark.html

How can a man reel in a 791kg shark?? :wacko:

Too many :beersmile:

Anyway back to work!!

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