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Roosterboat Gets A Make-over


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Hi guys,

well i have been meaning to give my roosterboat(14ft pongrass) a bit of a tidy up and over the long weekend was the best oportunity as the :wife: & kids went up forster way to the outlaws..... now first thing was to collect supplies and a big thanks to the guys at brookie fibreglass place.the guys were leaving but opened back up and made sure i was well prepared for the jobs ahead :thumbup: ...

first thing was to rip the rusty guards off and then found the you beaut plastic ones will need a bit of work to fit.mmm move onto backburner and onto job 2..

now i have to say a big :thumbup::thumbup: to offtap1 for the free bimini,thanks dave your a real champ mate.. well i got the bimini and with a little bending and some buttons to fit my screen she looks the goods ...have to put one more button each corner to finish but will do for now.....

onto job 3... the back to back seats have annoyed me since day 1 and now its time to farewell them :biggrin2: ... for any others thinking of this i will try to give the ins and outs of doing this.... when boat first built they nailed some timber strips down(inside of seat bases)then put seat shells over then proceded to glass over timber and onto seat bases.. now to remove i used a stanley knife and chisel to break the glass and gellcoat seal then used the fine adjustment tool (crowbar) to gently pry the seat bases up while still using knife to get any glass bits i missed.. first one was a little tricky as i didnt know what to expect but once i knew the second one took only a couple minutes.. the next thing was to remove any remaining nails and wipe away the grunge...there was some strips of the ply floor exposed so then i sanded,grinded and cleaned all surfaces with acetone and cut some glass sheeting to cover... next i mixed some gelcoat (could of used resin but i was gelcoating floor anyway) now curing time is short so best to have small batches ready and mix catalyst as you go to awaiting containers.. i made sure glass sheets were done then i did the whole floor and sides.. while this was going off i removed the bung and sanded and cleaned channel then gelcoated this also... this is a notorious weak point in older glass boats and worth lookin into as water can get into transom if not sealed right,....

now for the passenger seat i chose a removable post as i fish solo sometimes so i had to cut a hole for the seat base plate.. i gelcoated the timber edges also(just a precaution)

i then glued and layed the carpet and payed attention to edges and especially where hole for seatbase... i made a spacer from marine ply as under hull was not quite deep enough and base would of rested on hull floor :thumbdown: ... i used plenty of sikaflex under and around hole and screwed spacer down(spacer was fully gelcoated)then i put seat baseplate down and again being liberal with the sikaflex to seal all up nicely and screwed down...i put a fixed seat for drivers sideand sealed all screws.......

i will have to finish the guards next weekend and refit my livey tank and battery etc and also the led nav lights and knowing me the topside yucky pink oxidised deck may get some work(time permitting....

anyway heres the pics guys......




post-2219-1191244431_thumb.jpg post-2219-1191244446_thumb.jpg


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Makes a huge difference to the pongrass to have swivelling seats like that and a good fourteen foot forward runabout like that is smart boat fishing and all you really need :thumbup:

Regards and Steve .... that's a job well done looking at the pics !!!

What size motor have you got on her, about 30hp or 40 hp?

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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hi jewgaffer,

its got a 80hp 3cyl 2stroke,very much overpowered but as i like to say"no wasted fishing time" i had her up lake keepit pullin my stupid mad mate on a ski biscuit and he kept saying faster well at 40knts and him sailin throught the air gee it was funny... mad bugger wanted to do it again :1prop: ...

yeh im real impressed with the fitout so far(my first) and the extra deckspace is great.. i may look into a livey tank seat setup in the future so my little boys have somewhere to sit......

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That looks great Steve...good for you DIY-ing it and getting the results you did. :thumbup:

I bet the feeling fishing in a boat you modified for your own comfort

will make the sessions a lot more fun.



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Well done, Steve - it looks great! I bet it goes faster now, too!!



of coarse it goes fast roberta.... its a red one. :1prop: ... well its red once it gets wet anyway....

i may give it a bit of red/white and navy blue on top deck.... go you chookies......

still a bit more to do but am very happy so far.... puts a bigger smile on the dial as you said pete when done yourself.......

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gday mate im doing the same to my boat (20ft runabout)

and i was putting the flowcoat on, on a hot day and it went all lumpy when i was finishing off.

what should i do its got dirt on it now and i cant acetone clean it cause it melts the paint.

should i just get the lumps off and paint over

cheers tight lines

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