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What Are The Fishraider Members Doing This Weekend?


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What are all the fishraider members getting up to this weekend?

the 6th,7th October 2007

Spring is here :thumbup:

yeah baby how good is the weather getting,

The wind i still a pain

might think about some christmas shopping

What ever you end up doing, BE SAFE.

And take care on the waterways.

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Woo Hoo!! An old army buddy has just returned from Afghanistan and is bringing his tribe down for a week. Haven't seen him since I left the military 2 years ago, so there is some major plans for :beersmile: and :1fishing1:

Saturday - Chase Flathead and Bream on Soft Plastic :thumbup:

Sunday - Chase Flathead and Bream on Fly and Hard Bodies :thumbup:

Monday - Chase anything and everything (with the 5 kids) using bait :1prop:

Fingers crossed at least one of the days is not blowin' a gale again :mad3:

Good luck to all!


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Fishing tomorrow,

undecided wether we are going to try chase some kings off longreef or try for some in middle harbour. Id say the weather might decide that one for us.... either way will be launching at roseville so if anyone sees a 660 trailcraft with launchers on the top and to many rods for one boat on it come say hi!!!

Then getting boozed on saturday night so will probably watch the crazy taxi's go round and round in circles on sunday!

Tight lines all :1fishing1:

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Ill be out tonight to gather squid.

Sunday ill be out fishing rain hail shine in the harbor and middle harbor as well.

Firstly Sunday morning though hopefully up watching the All Blacks play themselves into the semi finals by beating the french.

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Sailing to Bird Island tonight, so might see some of you guys in the harbour tomorrow morning. Then up the coast to Blueys Beach for some fishing and surfing for a week. Gonna go hard into some beach fishing.

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