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What Will Protect Me From Rays?


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I hear that a tin foil Hat & Umbrella are common protective devices from the rays !!

Oh, Sorry, that stuff only protects you from the Beams !!!

Well it is Friday & I couldnt help myself

:Funny-Post: hahahahahahahahaha

just shuffle your feet whilst walking around and you should e fine.

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You can but special wading boots with interchangeable soles. Fly guys use them all the time with their waders.

There are a few brands around, but Korkers seem to be the favorite - http://www.korkers.com/

I tried to see if any of the site sponsors carry them, but they don't seem to. Any Fly fishing outfitter will carry wading boots.

Some people keep a pair of 10mm+ thick dive booties for wading too. *Much* cheaper, but you have to carry them around.

I just use a pair of old Dunlop Volleys, but I sight fish when wading.



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Hi RPL - did you get gashed?? Hope it wasn't too bad. Hot water (as hot as you can stand on the wound) will dull the pain.

Don't assume your footwear will protect you from the barbs. They are razor sharp. I got 'stabbed' thru my rock hoppers shortly after arriving in Forster, whilst trying to remove a hook from a small ray. I had it on its back, holding it down with my foot whilst removing the hook & it managed to twist around & stab me, in the blink of an eye! Got me at the top bit of flesh between two toes & BOY! Did I know about it!! Excrutiating pain! ALso, some of the barb was left in (unknown to me) & every day, it hurt again, for months, till eventually the barb worked it's way out! It also never healed properly till the barb came out.

Funnily enough, yesterday I just patched up a bloke at Yamba who trod on a ray when out body boarding. He limped all along the breakwall back to the camp, leaving a trail of blood (it sliced him below his ankle - a gash about 3-4cm. Blood was pouring out & I grabbed some tissues & pressed it onto the gash & applied pressure, then got him to hold it whilst I went back to the camper & got our first aid kit. Then I cleaned it up & put on some paper tape with a wad of tissue to maintain the pressure till he got it checked out. It stopped bleeding pretty quickly once the pressure was applied. He went to Emergency & got it checked - no barb left behind, nice clean cut & they just used Steri Strips to hold the gash together.

I reckon shuffling in the shallows is better than walking with big strides - that way, they should spook before you get to them! He said he thought he'd stepped onto something squishy & slippery, then felt the pain. Didn't see what it was.



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