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The Perfect Fishing Mate

Ross Hunter

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Here's my perfect fishing companion, never get's impatient, will eat the bait, will sniff the occasional bum, loves fishing with me.

Fishing experience ...vast especially on the Georges

Will eat the occasional live fish

Never complains about any thing

Loves to fish with owner

Will sit up to her neck in water whilst owner fishes.

Name...Nara... female staffy ...( aboriginal for companion)

Age 14.5 years (in dog years that's 101 but still going strong)

Photo of her in fishing mode.


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great photo, i have two jack russels of my own but they don't look as good in a cap and sunnies as yours, one of mine eats bait but it's other fisherman on the beach who arn;t looking and he runs off down the beach with a pilly in his mouth while hes being chashed :1prop: it's a funnuy site but not for the guy whos bait he stole :05:

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