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2nd Kingie & New Pb 08.10.07

Guest Ben75

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What a Morning :thumbup:

On the water 05.00am & off 06.40am

After My unreal session friday Morning I couldnt help myself as I was keen to get amongst the action and have another go. Sunday Night the ute was packed with Yak & Gear ready for an early start.

03.00am alarm rings out and I awake thinking am I an idiot wanting to get out again paddle around like a crazy man Chasing the surface action then go to work . I took the idiot road as it worked the first time :biggrin2:

Out the door by 03.30 and over at Easern suburbs by 04.00 to check conditions slight breeze and a little lumpy compared to friday . Three other YakFisho's joined the party . And we were on the water by 05.00am

This time round I didnt waste time with a lure out the back as I didnt want another stinky pike as I just headed straight out to the action if there was going to be any. The sea was a little bumpy I havent paddled in these conditions for a while so it being dark it only took me a few good minutes to get into the rythm of the swell and push through copping the odd one over the front great fun.

I finally got out wide to find the light just slowly sneaking through the clouds .I sat here for a few minutes then In front of me the water started boiling


First Cast On . I couldnt believe it as it was only friday I did the same thing and the last trip was so fresh in the memory bank .I just yelled out yee ha


The rod I was using was only a little rod Black Bass but it has some balls down the business end . I only had 8lb mono main line but had a 20lb trace I was just hoping the main line was going to hold :1yikes: . I guess thats why this fight seemed like forever as I just let him run when it wanted to i would give it some then I would take it back just as quick . I finally got it to the side of the kayak tried to grab its tail ZZZZZZZZZ

down it went again .I got it back up lip gripers in the mouth and onto the deck .This one went a little more nuts compared to my fridays catch .

It measured 70cm weighed 2.5kg cleaned and was caught on a large white slugo .




A Question about FF Big thanks in advance

Translation for dummies

Most of the session the fish finder would go nuts with this same screen shot then the Kingies wouldnt be far smashing the surface . From the pic I took would that be baitfish and kingies mixed in. And when I decide to have a crack at downrigging for Kingies is that what you look for and get your bomb down to the action?


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Loved the report and story complete with photos. You are lucky you were in 60ft of water with 8lb line. Sometimes the kings are in 8metres of water where I can see the bottom - when they are like this I have trouble stopping them on 15kg braid!!!

If I had that screen showing on the sounder in a yak, I would be deep drifting a livebait or dead squid with 4 ounces of snapper lead to get it down - the downrigger could be more trouble than what it is worth in a yak. Just rubber band a snapper lead on to a heavier outfit - you will definantly get fish.

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Hi Mate.

Nice going again, well done.

As for the FF, sure is :)

There is a book called Depth sounder secrets by Rick Huckstepp. ISBN 186513103-2 It costs $15.00 and is available at most boating and fishing shops, go grab a copy before your next outing.

Best $15 I ever spent.



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