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Nepean Bass


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G'day Raiders

Hit the Nepean again today with Pat. Plenty of surface action early in the morning with bass hitting every cast that was spot on the money in near every likely looking spot. We even had a couple double hook ups!

As soon as the sun was up and high the bass went deeper. A change to a gold colored Betts spin with a 1/16th jig head and a Berkley 3" water melon Hawg and they still kept coming over the side. Great day and some nice fish to top it off.

A few pics






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Well done dude, looks like things have hotted up since we were their a two weeks ago, better sized specimens, were you using the same techniques that we did last time, the cloud cover probably helped a bit, what surface lure were thay hittin or did it not really matter, cheers Justin.

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Well done on a great session Greg,

I was putting in my boat as you came back into the ramp.

I didn't realise that it was you or I would of come over and said G'day.

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Hey Justin

In the morning they were belting anything off the top.

We used Zara Pups, R2S bubble pops, Team Diawa Zero's, Ecogear PP60's, Jitterbugs and the Smiths Biasson's. All caught fish and was just a matter of being spot on with casts and hitting the money spots. Points, ledges and crevices were the best spots.


Here is a link to my you tube.

Just a short clip of Patty driving the boat up the river at 5:30 in the morning.

At 60mph it really wakes you up and gives that "i love life!" feel..........

Every time I'm out on that boat I can't believe how stable it is at speed. You can see in the clip I'm climbing around onto the rear deck to try a few different angles out for when I pull the propper camera out for some of the personal video we are shooting. The boat doesn't even move.


Was that you with the kids?

How did you go?

Gotta get one of tho's Fishraider stickers one of these days on my boat.

Good luck Snag for Wednesday dude!

Cheers all


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It was me with the kids there.

I was only just down there to run in the motor but chucked a few lures around just because I was there.

It was too late in the day for me to get anything and I really didn't expect to get anything.

If I see you down there again I will be sure to say hi.

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