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Flattie Drifts For Not Much


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Not the most amazing of reports but here goes.

Went out with my good musician mate Mike McCarthy. He has a great boat for soft plastic fishing so it was a big change from my leaking/rocking tinnie!!!!

Did many drifts along the drop offs targeting flattie around Ettalong for only 3 legals and 1 under. The flattie haven't fully arived yet i don't think.

Headed back to the rip bridge, and i though i'd target a jewie or big flattie, chucked a huuuggeeee squidgy fish (130mm), let it sink down with current, two cranks later, my line went straight a lightning speed, it was a very very good bite!!! Maybe even big taylor. Well here's what i pulled up- he just missed the hook

Tight lines guys.



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Wow.. what a hit!!! :1yikes:

The old plastics are not that soft!! That was a decent fish to cleanly bite the tail off at a reasonable thick part of the lure. :thumbup:

My Old Man once netted the head end of a big mullet which had been bitten in half at the Rip. The half measured about 20cm so it was a pretty big mullet! I reckon it was a Jew or Tailor hit. The slack tide is when the big Jewies come out to play. :thumbup:

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