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Nepean River Part 2

Guest rzep

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This afternoon Peita and I decided that we would hit the river again.

Watto was going to join us after he shut up shop.

We got down there and it was a bit quite to start with but that was no supprise after this mornings efforts.

I was concentrating more on positioning the boat then fishing and then I thought what the heck and picked the rod up to have a cast.

On my first or second cast I came up solid and after a moment Watto netted for me a 39cm Bass. :1yikes:

A new PB for me and this bass was a very healthy specimen.


Just after this Sean caught a little one that was quickly put back in.

We moved to a different spot and I came up solid once again.

At this time Watto was using a surface lure and his lure was smashed but he failed to hook it.

I then landed a 35cm bass which was another nice fish.

It was now getting a little late and we had to head back to the ramp.

What a difference from this morning.

Although not a heap of action we at least boated 2 very nice bass that anyone would be proud of.

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:thumbup::yahoo: Well done, Paul on your PB!!! I think you have caught the bass bug!! The cicada surface poppers should be working a treat soon, too!!



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hi rzep, nice afternoon fishing down the neapean there paul,

all bard up and i did ok in the morning -;- let me phrase that

all bard up did ok, he landed a nice bass and lost a wopper at

the net ( it's a wonder you didn't here him from glenmore park) :074:

anyway im sure mat will post pics when i send them to him.

i will try to find you at the convoy today rzep & mrs rzep.

cheers marty.

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Well Done Paul on the PB fish :thumbup: , it makes the 4am morning start worth it.

I was up there on saturday with Marty (Pops punt) i think we seen you in your new rig, very nice.

Cheers Mat

mate i believe catching nothing would still make the early start worth it, the views down the nepean gorge are breathtaking and its is so peaceful first thing in the morning. cant wait till the boat is back in action to give it a go down there.

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Congratulations Paul.......After the cold night, going back in the afternoon was a pretty smart move :thumbup:

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

Thank you about the advice about the weather. You basically told me that once the wind had turned that the fishing would imporve and it did. :biggrin2:

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