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2 Reports In 1


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Hi all.Report #1

With my annual leave fast coming to an end it was fish at any chance. So last Friday I hit the harbour with 2 of my boy's. 2.00am and the alarm sounded out the door in 9 minutes :thumbup: Launch at Rose Bay 3.30am. Pulled up at Watson's Bay Wharf not long after and at first site of this Squiddie looking place, I'm thinking sh*t I need a bigger live bait tank. An hour later no Squid :1badmood: if I cant pull a ceph outta here I tell the boy's I'll give fishing away.

Lucky I tell porky's cause I got no Squiddies but I continue to fish :074:

We then headed to Balmoral and managed 2 Yakka's. I have a seperate container that floats around in my tank it keeps my Nippers alive and well as you can see in this pic,


We then got serious :wacko: and headed to North Head to do battle with some surface crashing speedsters.

With our destination in site we were off,


The surface was alive on our arrival and after 3 cast's the fish disappeared and so did we. I trolled a few shallow diving Minnows about for ten minutes and then we headed to the Wedding cake to trial our new downrigger. That went smootly so look forward to the season hotting up to really get a good return for my $$.

A couple of small fish from the Harbour smiled for a quick pic,

Daniel with a Flatty


Matthew with a 28cm Bream released,


Weather was crap and Barometric was 1005 to 1002.

We had fun,

Report #2

This trip starts on Saturday at 2.00pm. Leave home do a 130klm, 3.5hr round trip from home to Mainnbar for Nippers. Kept alive with a small airator and 3 litres of salt water brought home from the same stretch of water. Changed the water on arrival at home 5.15pm. Change again at 900.pm and again at 7.00am next morning. Nippers were perfect and alive and well at 11.00am Sunday when we commenced fishing Botany Bay. I purchased a bag of Chicken gut in Anniseed and with the 30 or 40 Nippers that we had, I was planning on Bream for dinner. :( I had a ham sandwich for dinner. A couple of little fishies were brought aboard and obviously let go but today was a day for my little fella to have a fish and we dont get to serious on these day's it's more to give him a go and get him a fish or 2. Barometric was 2017 to 2018 whilst fishing is it just me or ?

Riley with a little throw back


He loves his fishing although after a few hours :mad3: it's time to head home. All in all a quite couple of outings but the alternative was to be at work instead of fishing and I know we all agree a bad day's fishing is better than a good day at work.

Question...Do you prefer Chook gut Natural or with the Anniseed.


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Question...Do you prefer Chook gut Natural or with the Anniseed.


G'day Russ

Bet your kids are already planning the next trip.

As for your Question.

I prefer natural where you can burley and

Scented where you can't.

Catch Ya


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