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My Boat Makeover


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Hey everyone, have been working on my boat for a while now and thought i'd do a post as there was a few guys keen to see the end result.

The tinnie, trailor, 9.9hp mercury i got for $500 started out like this;


With the help of my good mate Benny Nunn, we took out the middle seat, and put support benches along both sides to stop the flex (you can sit on these no worries- very strong)


We then put the floor frame in, always aiming for less weight and minimal frame touching hull.


Compartments were cut, so then came the fiddly job of carpeting.


Added some :beersmile: holders in,


Added a travelling seat for passenger that slips out for fishing floor space, and......


Bob's ya uncle.

All was glued with good polyurethane stuff, all wood was sealed 4 coats with bond crete.

The boat is now much more stable, 2 people can stand and move around very easily, even up the front, without feeling like ya goin overboard.

Starting out with a transom mount which comes on monday, and will be upgrading to a bow mount Minn Kota, ( if anyone has any for sale!!!)

Hope you guys like it, as i am wwwwrrrraaaappppppppeeeedddd with it!!!

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What stops the sides of the hull flexing outwards now thet the middle seat has gone?. I can't see from the photos?

Mate keep a close eye on the woodwork as bondcrete only lasts a while and if you can keep it loosley tarped with hatch covers out, hatches empty and out of the weather so it drys out in between use.

Is the plank in the last photo between the rod holders permanent?

Nothing better than finishing a job on a boat and getting exactly what you wanted. I know how harder work it is


PS if you tilt your outboard motor up you'll be surprised how well a transom mount will work.

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I will be getting a good boat cover, but i have been told by alot of people that bond crete lasts along time, so i'm not worried.

As i said in the post, the middle seat is for travelling and comes out when fishing.

Also, as it says in post, the benches along the side stop the flex, they are fixed into the front and back seat.

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You've done a pretty good job there Shan77 and it looks really good.

The false floor and carpet makes a huge difference. I've been working on my own project for about 18 months now. I'll be posting mine up aswell when its all complete. Only a few weeks to go now and we can go :1fishing1: Although I have been slowed down with some health problems over the last couple of months.

I hope you get some great use out of you're tinnie and the motor holds up.

Cheers :)


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Way to go Shan!

When you first posted about taking the centre seat out i didn't think it would work, but that bracing looks great and functional too.

I've got a tinny that could do with somthing like that but i intend to up grade so i dont think i'll bother.

Lata Raida.


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