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Smiths Lake Nsw


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Is there good fishing around here ?

No doubt I will explore but any heads up would be great .. Roberta, you are not too far north from here, but I am only there for 3 days, so I MAY probably be able to sneak up for a fish with you at Forster ! LOL




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Hi Stylo

Sorry - I have never fished Smith's Lake - I have too much fun with the waterways nearby! :1prop:

As Squizzy says - I believe it has been affected quite a bit by the Marine Park up here - you would need to check out dpi & maps to see just 'how affected!'

Where are you staying & When are you coming up - so long as it is not next tues/wed or mid dec I'd love to hit the water with you!!

Send me a pm with any details!



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hi stylo,

ive been going up smiths for about 4yrs or so a few times a year as the outlaws have a b & b there...

i have fished it only once seriously for very small to just legal bream.not counting the numerous times with the kids catching buckets of em with bread next to frothy coffee.not real good if lakes low though... the lake is very,very shallow and if its open even more so.... there is a nice deeper section that im reliably told near beach on inside towards the north and have seen photo of huge lizard from there.... also between the frothy coffee and the back island theres aparently a good dropoff that holds them also....

i spoke to a local that fishes alot there and he told me theres alot of water between fish but can get lucky at times...

armed with this i always hit wallis lake usually around the leases and do quiet good there..... off the beaches is supposed to be real good but i have not tried yet...

im sure youll have a nice time there,its so beautiful up there....

cheers.... steve....

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Smiths Lake is good for the kids - burley up and aim for small bream.

This lake has been badly affected by the Port Stephens Marine Park.

As much as I love Smiths Lake, Wallis lake (the next one along) is the champion fishery of the two. Especially now due to the productive areas of Smiths Lake being shut down.

Forster is only a 15-20 minute drive away. One of my favorite things to do is to hire a boat and hit the racks early in the morning. Fly, SP or bait.

They usually open Smiths Lake a few weeks before the Christmas holiday period. So now likely. That is a good time to hit the beach (Cellito Beach?). The opening brings every predator from the area into the mouth of the lake and opportunities abound.

Seriously, Smiths is OK, but Wallis Lake is just that much better.

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