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Pumpkinseeds First Fish On Plastics


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went down the river this afternoon (where yes dear and justin P and i went last nite) with my 2yr old daughter to try teach her how to flick plastics. hahaha.

nearly lost the rod countless times to the drink.

water wasnt very clear at all after all this rain but within 15mins she fowl hooks this whiting and the drag goes off due to me leaving it on light as.

she got it in all by herself whilst i had one hand closely near the rod (just incase she let go).

was abit windy down there but ok to fish.

last nite same area got only two flatties in a few hours with the boys.

something with abit of wieght grabbed onto the plastic not long after but a few big head shakes and it was off (suspect begin a flattie im thinking)

ps if any1 can send me their email address id like to put up the pics:)


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cheers for posting my pics robeebee


Off the wharf and all, well done to Pumpkinseed, shame about the lost one though, did you have a crack up the other end, cheers.

nah i didnt but i was looking over there dying to go.if u saw my daughter walking ability on rough surfaces seeing as shes only been walking for one yr youd agree it wouldnt b a good idea. lol

thanks guys for talking about snapping rods yesterday too hahahaha. i broke the end of the top piece of a brand new two piece i had in the car this afternoon whilst unloading gear for the cars service tomorrow.


oh wel shit happens hey. :mad3::mad3::mad3:

ill msg u or msg me if your going for a flick on the weekend seeing as the weather looks like its not gonna clear up and both trips i had r probably cancelled, so local is good enough.

cheers guys

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Well Done Pumpkinseed :thumbup::thumbup:

Great pics first fish woo hoo!!!

My little girl is 14 months and she got her first intro to fishing last weekend when i took her down to crosslands and threw some SP's around while she watched. Managed to land a good bream and took it over to her to show her, the look on her face when she touched it was priceless :074:

Keep up the good work mate


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Congratulations PUMPKINSEED on your terrific fish. Now is the time to pester dad to take you fishing all the time. The pictures are priceless.

Once again Congratulations :thumbup::yahoo::thumbup::yahoo:


Mrs Flightmanager

cheers all.

and yeah i took her to daycare this morning and got the "can we go fishing when you pick me up?" hehehe

keep the kids fishing and into nature i reckon.

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That is so nice to see junior raiders catching fish :thumbup:

Tell your little girl that mrsswordie is proud of her and well done!!!

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

will do


do the raider hats come in kids sizes? shirts?

one of my mates just said she'll prob ask santa for a saltiga for xmas. lol. hahaha

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