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A Decent Reddd At Last


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I've been tryimg for months (years actually) to land a decent snapper and I finally managed it on Sunday, 9/12.

Mick and I got outside, off Manly for some smileys and then a few Ks off long reef to put them down.

We cubed pillies for 30 minutes or so before this 58cm red decided my 1/2 a slimey attached to a 2 hook rig looked appetising enough to run off with. I can't tell you how excited I was to see a red at the end of the line instead of the usual sargent baker. Can't wait to get out there again and see if they are still around.

BTW, we also got onto a 7 or 8ft thrasher shark. That was fun. I had him up to the boat about 4 times before we decided to cut the line rather than have him in biting our toes.

Cheers, Stipo


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Fantastic stuff mate well done. Good things come to those who wait. True take my misses for example she waited 16 years for me :(

Well done mate. Maybe next spring we can have a Fishraider Snapper fest down south at the Hump.

He who has the biggest hump wins.


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Stipo -

Thats a baby compared to the one you lost a few weeks back due to your poorly tied hooks.... :1prop:

Cant wait until you land a big one! (there not a "snapper" until there over 60cm)

See you in the new year for another longy session- I'm off to Spencers Gulf between

Christmas and New years so I hope to get on to the big ones then, or a least a truck load of squid


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