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Captain Cook Jewies

blue marlin

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After catching my first river jewie last week at the bridge i thought about giving it another crack last night.

Launched the boat at kurnell boat ramp at around 430 and headed off with my 2 boys to find some squid for a couple of hours and only managed 2 small squid better than nothing.

Droped the boys off to the wife and headed down to the bridge and anchored up in the same spot as last week.

As soon as the sun went down the bites come thick and fast after losing the first 2 after short runs finally nailed 1 of 67cm's another 10 minutes later another at 72cm's had countless runs but to no avail after that so i headed home at 10.30. Do i need bigger hooks? I was using 4/0 bait holders double rig.post-2662-1197692375_thumb.jpg

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Doped the boys off

Nice couple there Nudge but I am a little concerned with what you are doing to your kids LOL

Jews have a bloody big mouth so dont be too worried about going up in size with your hooks. I fish a bit around there and use 5/0 through to 8/0 hooks depending on the bait.

I landed a 50cm model last weekend that took a 25cm Pike that had a single 8/0 in its tail so even smaller fish will get pinned by a larger hook.


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Nice couple of soapies there Nudge.

Jew's do have big mouth's but I would match the hook size up to the bait you are using at the time.

You seem to have that sorted!!

The key is using a strong hook not a huge hook, remember they have a big appetite, from beach worm's to sea mullet and everything in between.

Match the hatch and you wont go too far wrong :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

Cheer's Rod.

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Nice Nudge, well done.

a mate and i were there last week and we managed a couple ourselves. jewfish always seems plentiful there but just not anything larger than schoolies. Well done again

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