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Mighty Out There

blue marlin

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Fished the botany tournament on the weekend with captain pithchy (cod king).

We had a plan during the week of heading to the bait station and hopefully find some bait,we found the bait 6 mile short of the station and loaded up with around 20 slimies.Sent down 1 into the school with no takers so we started skipping the not so healthy ones. After around 2 minutes we had raised the first fish which was quickly switched to a livey and we were on! We got the fish to boat and was tagged the rest of the day was spent rigging baits and with double hook ups and free swimming marlin around the boat we tagged another 3 and set off for home.Day two was little more quite, the bait just disappered but we managed to find and tag a short billed spearfish :1prop: So a big thankx to bbgfc for a great weekend!




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I reckon the Jim Bean Blacks were flowing thick and fast afterwards.......

and with Pitchy haveing a smile from ear to ear

Got to love it when it all comes together.... how you want it to like that

and with a short bill on the last day to boot

thats akin to getting the power ball in lotto.....

well done goes to "Out There"


PS...Just had a thought that will figure well in central zone standings so be prepared

for he will most likely want to attack the next one outta broken bay i would presume.......

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Good work on the sat boys, and thanks to Pitchy for inviting me out on the sunday it was a great day to be out and about, Pitchy has already been talking about fishing this weekend to keep his boat up there in the point score with the large game boats....look out !!

Dan :thumbup:

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Well done - was that your first club comp for this year? :thumbup:

I will answer that question for you on pitchys behalf as he is not a member of this site

he however is a friend and a member of my club that being SGFC and fishes comps actively but as a rule

in boats that have back decks as big as your lounge room so he is very proud to of taken his own

boat called "out there" and mixed it with the big boys and done well....

the motto there is you dont necesserily require a half million dollar boat to catch marlin and do

well in comps..... it is well with in reach to of a lot of those with trailer boats with in reason of course

Pitchy is the one in the pic with the yellow gloves holding up that garfish.......eh sorry marlin

Cheers Warnie....

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Well done Steve and Shane, it's good to see the little boats kicking arse! :thumbup:

I'm glad that the old OUT THERE is still alive.

I remember fishing along side you guy's many times, and the after point score days bar tab bashing. :beersmile::beersmile: :beersmile:

Good luck to you both.

Cheer's Rod.

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You guy's beating "Tycoon" by any chance ?

Hi there Capt Hook

to best answer your question would be to first explain that all the Game clubs are grouped into zones..

for example central zone encompasses...Broken bay, Sydney,BotanyBay,and Port Hacking

Tycoon would fall into the northern Zone and would fish against boats from his club on pointscore days

and other clubs of his zone....

You have heard made mention of the interclub at Port Stephens which is run on the last weekend of feb

and the first weekend of march which is a highly contested tournament between boats clubs and visitors

This would for excample put these boats made mention in direct competition against each other or in any of

the tournaments that are run by each individual club up and down the east coast...

there are a number of categories involved in two divisions that been Capture and T&R

so the answer to your question would be YES.......if Tycoon had fished T&R in that tournament

Cheers Warnie.....

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:Funny-Post: Hey Warnie,

Any truth in the rumour that you are fishing with Pitchy on "Out There" for the final 2 Central Zone rounds???



Hi , Are you the shane that was skippering Blue horizons the last few weeks?


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:Funny-Post: Hey Warnie,

Any truth in the rumour that you are fishing with Pitchy on "Out There" for the final 2 Central Zone rounds???




The way im going through crew at the moment god forbid i might have to give that one a thought........

Shane dont know if you are aware or not but i had a wardrobe malfunction on the first day of the tournie on the weekend infact the first hour of the tournie one of my crew members was ill with seasickness so ill in fact we had

to do a mercy dash back to port and was at the stage of organising admitting him into hospital

he was one very unwell chappy even up untill as late as today turns out he was suffering from a bad back

and was on pain killer medication for such.......

so he did'nt want it to interfear with the weekend fishing and thought it prudent to double his doseage

of medication (just incase) along with dropping panedine forte like they were cough lollies!!!!!!!!

all combined with the rough conditions.......well lets just say i have never seen anyone as bad

as he was.....and was relieved when i got him back to that ramp and on solid ground......

And Chris (Aero)

This shane is not that shane although i can see were the confusion could lay as that shane (being wilson)will most

likely skipper this shanes new boat (check his user name) thats getting built as we speak when it comes along...

wow....... hope that wasn't to confusing.......

Cheers Warnie.....

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