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Kingfish Social


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24TH FEBRUARY 2008 is officiallly on again :biggrin2:

Due to popular requests the Kingy Social will be run again after our last cancellation due to bad weather.

Please post your attendance here for what is shaping up to be a great day out on our most famous harbour.

There is a shopping list if any members can help out please CLICK HERE and post here if you can bring anything.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Great news!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

Please add your names to this thread if you want to attend the kingfish social and we will

place you on the attendees list..

Also indicate if you will be landbased or boat and the number of deckies you will have if any.

If any boaters have deckie spots available, please add that info as well.

Looking forward to the premier social event of the year...Watch out kingies!!



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I should be able to get my hands on some commercial packs of Cling Wrap and Foil.

Cheers, Slinky

I'll be there by the way!!

Thanks Slinky, your name has been added to the list for cling wrap and alfoil. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks again


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hey raiders! social is only three weeks away! :yahoo: if anyone can help fill the shopping list

that would be great...and appreciated by all, ROSS you surely will be missed (your BBQ SKILLS) :(

but the standby chefs are gonna cut there meat (teeth) :074: ...better be good!....................

this show is now ON!......get your names down all!........

P.S.. johnno, rick and myself will supply softdrinks & ice but will need to know totals soon!...

HEY mods are ice boxes covered???


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Please add me, also JohnY and and 1 decky.

Bringing 3 boxes of bottled water, plates, cuttlery, cups and alluminium trays,


Good man Penguin, :yahoo:

Thank you for the offerings...all added to the shopping list as well

as your crew to the attendees.



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Count me in + 1 decky.

I may have 1 spare spot on the boat, but will let you people know closer to the date.



:1welcomeani: aboard Jeff plus 1

Cheers Stewy

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