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Sunday Sydney Kings


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Hey guys,

Last night I got a late call from Steve asking if i wanted to go for a fish today, I was with Sal at a BBQ and after some quick chatter plans were made to go for a quick morning fish.

We hit the water at about 3.30am at went straight to squid alley, this morning though was very hard and we only managed 4 squid there so we decided to go for some southern calamri around the harbour and mananged 5 in about 30 minutes.

All baited up and now about 6.20am we decided to head to the markers with no action, Then over near the lighthouse at Shark island we saw some surface activity and started to downrigg......and within 1 min bam we are onto our first king........

Over the next 45 minutes we boated easily 15 kings all ranging between 60cm to 70cm.....with a couple of big bust offs which we called for 80cm plus fish....

Then all of a sudden boats started to pile up around us and before we knew it we were downrigging through easily 10 boats which made life very difficult...........

Got a call from miller who was offshore with motor problems asking how the action was and i told him kings were everywhere and he was able to motor in and get in on some of the action but unfortunately he wasnt on his boat and didnt have a downrigger so it made life a little tough for him....

We then got his mate onboard to get his first king...nothing like seeing somebody break there kingy virginity....

We were able to also get some video footage of some of the action

Heres Steve getting busted off by a blazing king

Sal getting onto a smaller king

And Millers mate getting his first king



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Steve got smoked or what :1yikes:

good day again netic

sal was pretty cruisy swingy a $1500 combo around over the side :biggrin2: loved the Vid :thumbup:

always good getting people there first kings thats the spirit

squid are getting hard to come by 4 was low

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Great session and excellent vids too. :thumbup:

Good on ya too for putting a kingy virgin on to his first kingy. Oh what a feeling!!

I still vividly remember last year's kingy social when Terry (Kingy) put me on to my first..truly

a great experience.

Boy..you were sure crowded out by boats eh?



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Oz thats great footage mate, watching the first clip makes me want to go chuck the boat in now!!

Thanks for all your downrigging advice, i managed to land my first kings on the downrigger yesterday. Once we got one it just kept happeing for us.


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Well done again Oz and crew

Some good Kings in the Harbour at the moment it seems


GoFish Pete

well done,tops vids

was out 2 weeks ago on the harbour with a mate from works bro inlaw,had a late start that day

and didnt get any livies was abaord the rok2 and would like to thank rocko for a good day

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Well done again there guys! Top effort.

you guys were killing it again and also top footage.

Steve, Bring on the Tiagra with 200lb next week!!!!

Great just watchin you guys smash it time and time again.

It can only get better.


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