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Nrl Season 2008 Predictions


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Hey guys, well its that time of year, only a few weeks away from the start of the NRL season....

Who do you think will go well this season and what do you think the top eight will be??

My beloved tigers have dissapointed me the last 2 years and im hoping we can have a injury free season for Marshall and Head ( I know its very unlikely). If we can keep them on the field i think the tigers will do well.

The Storm as always will be the team to beat but i also think Parra and the cowboys will do well this season.

My top eight is









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warrier s no chance wade mckinnion gone for the season .

roosters top three

parra maybe in the eight

melbourne hard to beat . manly go close

i am a mad tigers fan have been for years . this year maybe 8th - 10th . benji shoulder will be again a main issue . the rest who cares :05:

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