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Team Penguin At The Kingy Social


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Hi Raiders,

What a top day was had today at the 2008 Fishraider Social by my crew of mates

and I.

We arrived at Clifton gdns around 5.30am for registration and a most welcome

bacon & egg roll :thumbup: after catching up with a few fishraiders there, we set

off for one of our fav harbour spots, and wouldnt u know it somebody beat us to it. :ranting2:

Then upon closer inspection we noticed it was a bearded fellow who has fed us many

a b & e roll before at other FR socials, it was Ross (flightmanager) and his better 1/2,

so we quickly forgave him for this intrusion, gave him a quick wave and we proceeded to

drift our baits down into the depths. Not long after we had a swarm of Slimeys at our

boat and after catching a few to use for livebaiting, they became a pest, scoffing nearly

every bait. We resorted to throwing a bit of burley to one side of the boat and that would

send all the slimeys to this side, and then we would release our baits on the other.

This is when the fun started the Kingys started to hit our peeled prawn baits only, pilly

pieces, squid and live slimies were totaly ignored all day long. We managed to boat

5 Kings from a total of about a dozen hook ups. The Kings were between 68-71cm.

After the Kingy bite slowed we caught 7 Bream to 35cm and a couple of Flounders.

We had Netic and crew come past for a quick hello, as well as Chille and crew who

fished beside us for the rest of the morn, so we managed to gas bag quite a bit between

us. John Y who was on my boat finaly after years of trying, nailed his legal 1st King, it was a

68cm model, he had hooked a few in the past, including in last years Kingy social, but

somehow he always managed to lose them during the fight, so after much tuition

by all the crew, he manages to get this one :thumbup: , he then puts his rod away

and goes for a long sleep :( .

At 12.30 we went over to meet the other Raiders and have lunch of steak, onion and

bbq sauce rolls. :thumbup:

It was a top, top day :yahoo: cant wait to do it over again next year :yahoo:


some pics of our catch


John Y's 1st King


Crazy Faridation and my mate George


Elli, Crazy Fairdations brother.


Mondays Kingy lunch, straight out of the oven, mmmmmmmmmm :thumbup:


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wow another triumph for the peeled prawn, they have to work as you have the consistent results to prove it not to mention not having to jig for squid at sparrows fart would be great. great work and good pics there somenice fish.

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Nice one penguin. Great mixed bag there and smiles all round.. Thats what its all about!

Might have to try this pealed prawn thing one day.

Should it be a cooked or Raw Prawn?? :tease:

We use raw prawns, and u get better results if the prawns

have some desent size to them.


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Some nice fish there Penguin. Thought they might have got a few hoodlums from close in under the cliffs? Did it get very choppy John?


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

Yes it got choppy and the wind picked up a bit, but most

of the waves and chop were from all the boats out on the

harbour today, it got very busy.


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You boys sure put on a good show !! It seemed that there was always someone with a big bend in his rod , somewhere on the boat!! ( Oh , and if you have to fish , do it in comfort I say !! Beautiful boat!!) .

All we got where we were was sneaky bait thieving fish , didnt boat a fish the whole time we were there :1badmood:

Go The Peeled Prawn!!


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All we got where we were was sneaky bait thieving fish , didnt boat a fish the whole time we were there :1badmood:

Go The Peeled Prawn!!


Ross you probably had those pesky Slimey Macs stealing your baits as well.

They were a real nuisance at times :1badmood:


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Beaut fishing Penguin !

We were watching all the action from 20 metres away !

( Only because we were bored stiff )

:Funny-Post: Stumpy,

and at least u came up with the big one when it counted,

Congrats to u and ur crew :thumbup:


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Well done penguin,

Sounds like everyone had a great day at the social!!!! It was great to see everyone with good catches in their reports. It sounded like a great day for everyone.

Penguin, well done again on the peeled prawns and pillies! They sure do work a treat!

Well done to everyone that participated, i will most definately be making an appearance next year!

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Penguine that baked Kingy looks sensational.

What method do you use for cooking it to such perfeection? Or is it a family secret :biggrin2:

It tasted even better than it looked, as for the family secret, its gona have to stay

that way as my mum was doing the cooking and she isnt telling :1prop:


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