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Hey guys,

Well after a long absence from fishing Me, Steve, Sal and Suley decided to go for a game fish on board suleys new boat now named "Off Da Hook"....

Plan was to get some livies from balmoral and then troll to the shelf for marlin and pay a visit on the way home to the fads....

We picked up yakkas pretty fast and before we knew it we were heading out...

At the heads we were met with perfect conditions....Like glass literally....

We put the spread out about 10kms out and started trolling.....

After about 3 hours off literally nothing Steve saw a floating log and we altered course to go past it, As soon as we got past it the long rigger went off...Unfortunately it wasnt a marlin but a Dollie of 90cm and Sal had no trouble boating that....

We then stopped next to the Log and saw a hugh school of massive dollies.....We threw the livies out and the dollies didnt want nothing to do with them....we then decided to troll some lures past them so we got the smaller gear out and started trolling and straight away we got hit and it hit the little Avet......After a good 5 minute fight Suley boated a 123cm Dollie.......a first for him and something which we have all been wanting to get.

Next pass was something different........We went past and the dollies were gone...then we see a small marlin..probably around the 50kg mark Bill whacking the lure on the little avet...Sal starts to work the lure and the little marlin takes it....Now this was unexpected..we are onto a Marlin with a little avet running 30lb braid.....Sal had some fun for a short period of time and then the hooks pulled loose and the marlin was gone......

Unfortunately the marlin also seemed to scare the big dollies away so we didnt get the chance to target any more of the bigger dollies.....

But still a good day with some great sunny weather and the calmest conditions i have ever seen offshore(which are visible in the pics)



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That unreal, both of you got identical fish.

Sounds like you had a good day. Beats being thrown around by the swell and wind.

I wonder what is on the menu......

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top stuff Guys! hope the next few months brings conditions like that!!! like fishing up the hawksburry but with dollies and marlin!

looks perfect!

BTW....Should have called the boat "ON DA HOOK" and a marlin would have been on deck?

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Well done guys, was a great day out there. We trolled the shelf as well, no dollies but we raised two marlin, hooked onto one but pulled the hooks after some good grey hounding around the place. Was a good fish to, never mind you can't complain with days like today out there.

Here's hoping for a few more to come


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what can i say??

TOP day out today thanks boys,

conditions were perfect and a really enjoyable fun relaxing day on the water :thumbup:

congrats to suley for his PB 123cm dollie well done mate :thumbup:

cheers steve

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Congrats on the good day fellas

That would have been a great fight a marlin on a evet

I was also out there mate the weather was magic, its always more enjoyable when you arent getting bashed around.

We hit the FAD early and got some nice dollies prob to about 80cm. We where the first ones there before sunrise and got a few fish but over the follwing 30 mins about another 20-30 boats arrived. and the fish seemed to slow down and it got to hard with more and more boats arriving. So we put the spread out and headed for the shelf

We headed south and found some good water with bait and 22.3 degrees we worked that area for a couple of hours for nothing then we headed in at abot lunch as we had prior commitments. Look very fishy though

On the way in, in about 55 fathoms we ran over water that was 23.7 degrees. We where spewing

Well done again

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