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Shellharbour Tournament


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Gday MAte,

Some Big fish around indeed, with as previously mentioned, Reserection with the 406.9KG Tiger a Club Record. They also lost a sizeable Beakie on Sunday but lost it after 3 hours.

Wet Dreams also landed a 355Kg Mako on the Saturday but did not fish the Sunday for some reason.

Crackers landed a 95KG Stripe, but it was unfortunately disqualified- it would have taken out heaviest Marlin, but instead that (along with a few other categories), did not get won.

Pool Freak Landed a 69.2KG YFT on the Saturday.

Overall, it was a realtively slow weekend for fishing. Those who caught fish, were lucky to do so- and any fish that were hooked were BIG. It was a case of Quality not Quantity. Dadsboat took out champion T and R (I think) with most MArlin, first MArlin and most points overall.....they tagged one Beakie- how good would that be!

Well done to Mick and the Boys from Shellharbour GFC for a well run Tournament. It was a pleasure to be there and hope to do it again next year.

A MASSIVE thanks to Dave on OFFTAP for having me on board over the weekend. Even though we did not catch anything, it is always a laugh with Dave and crew.



Ant... and dave (off tap)

Bad luck on not being able to get on the board in the tournie ...it get's harder at this time of the year

as the beakies start to thin out...

What is encouraging though !!!!!!!!! is the increasing number of mid range Y/fin that are starting

to show up in report's both north and south of us.....

at least auger's well for a promising y/fin season and i am sure there will be plenty of raiders out there rubbing there hands together in anticipation with that prospect !!!!!!!!

Cheers Warnie....

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quote name='lured intoit' date='Apr 19 2008, 05:18 PM' post='234652']

post-6846-1208589390_thumb.jpgheres a pic of my yellowfin from the tournament

heres some more


Tiger shark off 406kg on 15kg line

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