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Rock Fishing


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hey guys

Went on a rock fishing charter On Tuesday (Yesterday). Went to Dee Why headland, with a quick walk to a sheltered part on the rock face got set up with the gear we were using. The tackle used was a shimano Alvio 10000 reel on a Wilson rod. We first set up the burley and tossed out o first baits. Bait were pilchards cut in half.

My dad was first on with a pike hitting his bait and with a short fight it was landed, next bait was eaten by a bream which hit my bait and with a couple of short runs was landed, he was just over half a kilo and my best bream to date. Next bait was again eaten by a pike on my dads line and was quickly landed, then things got interesting and my bait was eaten what was first thought to be a king but what ever it was one it freedom but it was fun while it was on. After lots of hits and missed fish another fish grabbed my bait and steamed off on a long hard run, 10mins later i landed my first whaler shark and he was close to 10 kilo which is good, i also caught another 2. my dad hooked up to a tailor which spat the hook at the rocks :mad3: . the charter man also caught a shark and a small little snapper which would have only be a couple years old. My dad also caught another pike which was kept to spin for kings the next day.

The tally for the day was 3 sharks 3 pike 1 bream and 1 small snapper.

if anyone one wants the name and of the bloke and his number pm me.

Pictures to come later.


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