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if you are starting off just get a few to cover basically everything

i.e. alot of fish respond to soft plastics,

always good to have one or 2 silver chrome lures if you run into a school of tailor or salmon etc.

have a deep diver and a midwater lure in there

and depending on where you fish maybe a skirted lure and a surface popper etc.

u dont need to spend too much

until you start chasing marlin which for me is like $150 a lure :thumbdown:

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Thanks djmac. What brands or models would you recommend?

Ken: I am wanting to buy a variety of different lures for all types of fish. At this stage I only have the squdgies and have no idea on what other lures I need to buy or should have.

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For bream any of the plastics they guys mentioned above will take fish. The ones I like are

Bream - 2" Ecogear Paramax Grub in plum & Eco SX-40's

Flathead - 3" Paramax & Grass Minnows in 2.5 thriough to 5" Powershads

Tailor /Salmon/Rat Kings - River2Sea Sea Rock / any small metal slug type lure

Light trolling around headlands etc - Rapala Count downs from size 9 up. I prefer the Mackeral Pattern

There are some pics of the sort of HB lures I use in river at this link Lures

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