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Canoe Modifications


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Just thought I'd post some pics of my canoe with seats and sounder now fitted.

The seats are the fold down type from whitworths and were around $100 each, they are simply bolted through the existing bench seats. The bench seats had been lowered slightly be the previous owner, so that they now ALMOST sit flush with the sides of the canoe when folded down. The sounder is a matrix 17x which I purchased from Westmarine.com for about $315 AUD delivered, saved heaps as they retail for $587 here according to the Humminbird website, but as some other pointed out in another post I have to deal in feet and Farenheit :badair: I know the sounder is capable of downloading software updates, does anyone know whether its possible to get a software update or a chip installed for celsius and metres ? I simply screwed the sounder head unit into the lid of an esky and I mounted the transducer on the electric using a hoseclamp, some rubber and cable ties...thanks to some pics from DaveW posted recently in another forum, they were a great help :thumbup:

So I'm pretty happy with it all up, I still have to clean up the wiring a bit and mount some rod and or beer :beersmile: holders though.




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:greatpics::thumbup::thumbup: top stuff, my mate just put those springfield seats in his Tinny and I was thinking they would go well in the vantage :biggrin2: but thought i would have to remove the existing seats, and got worried about the canoe flexing without the support of the seats, lowering them is a top idea...

Do you find that because you sit higher the canoe tends to move about more?



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I've actually been considering rolling it, just to see what would happen other than the obvious :ranting2: Just so I can be prepared for the worst and work out how i would handle it. I would of course be taking the electric, sounder, seat cushions, battery etc out before attempting such a manouver. If I did roll it I assume the sounder and battery would be pretty stuffed, not sure on the electric, If it was salt water I imagine I assume everyhting would be stuffed, but fresh maybe a different story and I guess It would depend how quickly I was able to right it. I'd be interested to hear peoples opinions on this.

Clarkie, the extra weight doesn't seem to bother me, I don't generally carry it with everything in it and use a trolley if I'm taking it a distance and once it on the water i can't really tell the difference. The seats themselves are very light, the sounder doesn't weigh much, the battery is the major weight 80amp/hour Delkor weighing it at about 23kg's i think, possibly a bit big. The motor also ways around 5kg I think.

Byron, JD,

I've been getting a few I manged a few bass down the south coast just after christmas, nothing spectactular in size, but good to explore some different waterways. I've got the odd flattie from Narra lake, but haven't been hitting it up too much. I'm planning another Dawn Goon session Saturday morning.

Other than that I've just been exploring local rivers and creeks and pushing as far upstream as the canoe will let me!

The wind anchor sound handy Yellow Sub, how much do they set you back?


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