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Midday Squid


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Nice work Jason, that would have given you a little curry!!

Mate it actually did pull hard ,initially i thought it was caught on some kelp

..but then ..pulse..pulse..pulse

What waters were you fishing?

Nice catch!!!

Its always a difficult choice on whether to eat the basterds or throw them back.

Mate i was in the main harbour fishing the kelp around quarantine.

I never eat the squid it is always bait.

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Finished work early and due to the beautiful day

decided to go for a bait gathering/sounding mission.

Using a 3.0 Yozuri i landed this thumper after a couple of casts



Well done on the squid.

I know they make great bait, but i reckon they're better to eat, especially outside kingie season.

im heading out thursday, hope the weather is great and fishing even better :1prop:

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