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Narra Lake


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nice catch Peter! Too bad i cant get out there right now. Had a session there last week caught 2 throw backs...they were the size of my hand. But caught my first bream on weed. So i guess theres some progress there.

Justin :1fishing1:

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Well done Peter!! You've had to move away from your favourite channel!!!??

Cold & wet here today - managed to get 3hrs yakking in this morning before the rain started. Blackies still hit & miss - more miss than hit! :1badmood:



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No heading to HB in november to hi a few in the brackish creeks oh and BTW all my haunts had better be free for me to access folks as i will be out to give them a floggingits been nearly 12 months since a serious session and well theprevious longest lay off was 2 weeks!



lookout blackies :1yikes::1yikes:

royce is coming :biggrin2:

peter :1fishing1:

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Hi Peter,

Went down to Narra lakes today from 11 - 2ish and came up with a big zero. Grabbed some cabbage from Nth Narra, had some fresh and old weed and found some weed near the bridge and failed to get even a down.

I fished near the woolies car park on the last of the run in.

You got me keen the other day with your 9 fish and I had to give it a go!

Oh well, it was nice down there anyway and I was protected from the wind. I might take the tinnie down tomorrow, pending weather, go exploring and try a few different spots.

Cheers Jed.

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