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Rough Weather


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just got back from narra lake very wet and windy, nobody told the blackies, they were still biting their heads off on the run in tide, managed 8 fish left them biting lost 2extra large easily over the kilo fish [only lip hooked] wasnt the only silly one fishing 2 other mates arrived and got into them as well so that made a bad day into a fantastic one for the 3 of us

peter :1fishing1:


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Stud fish, Peter!!! Well done on you & you mates! Hey! The fish are already wet .... so why not you too ??

You should have gone over to the cafe & ordered a bowl of hot chips to warm you up! :1prop:

REALLY cold, wet, windy & miserable here! Has been for 2 days already! Having said that ..... when I was yakking with no fish, my Sth African Kiwis were on the breakwall & landed 8 fish! :1yikes:!!! I was in the wrong spot, eh??



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very nice work, got a special recipe??

hi erroll

my favourite way to eat them is lightly crumbed fresh fillets skinned of course pan fried until golden brown lay them on a bed of mashed pumpkin or sweet potato and top with snow peas then pour a mix of taragon and hot melted butter over the lot yummmm

peter :1fishing1:

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