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Monday Kings


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Was going to work my rdo today but though nah to good a day for that so i went fishing and what a day.

left little manly at 5.30 did a lap around looking for any bird action but none to be seen so i headed of in search of squid within 10 minutes i had 3 squid and board and was feeling pretty confident.

headed on onto middle harbour and started downrigging through some moorings and within 10 minutes whilst im on the phone to a mate from work bang of she goes the phone gets dropped and i start getting into a fish whilst my work mate is listening in of the floor of my boat. i landed a 71cm king told him the news and he was not happy to be at work now while this was going on anyway better go mate i still have 2 more squid.

back into it and off she goes again and again all within 10 minutes one went 75cm and the other 73cm out of squid and the wind now picking up i headed on home so stoked loving it.

Headed on into work for half the day and will save the other for another time real soon.

cheers jitterbug



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