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Middle Harbour Downrigger Kingy Madness 21/9/08


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Hit the spit at 4 this morning, Slow start but ended up with 10 squid by 6.

Ok so things were looking great.. What to do, where to go??

do i stick to my plans and hammer middle harbour or go to goat island where all the action has been over the past few weeks..

My heart was saying goat island but i couldnt resist hammering Middle harbour..

I put 2 squid down on the riggers by 630.

hummm nothing...

nothing still..

7:30.. im on!!! and on big time... and bang.. on again.. Double hookup!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fishing solo with 2 downriggers and furious kings this is going to be a good day!!!!!!!!

decided on fishing 1 rod only after the first 2 fish were landed.

all in all by 9 am all my squid were gone, Threw back 5 kings and kept 5 for the family and myself. Biggest kept was about 76 and biggest went 80.

Go get em!



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Thats Sounds Awsome & Great Report !

You Should Of took Me With Ya :1fishing1: This Morning LOL :1prop:

I Had A Good Day Out There As Well, Although I was Land Based Today !!!

Kingies Kingies & More Kingies

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Vince you made a bloody good decision.

We were at goat island last week and did well and was expecting the same this morning but there was not anything at all over there, birds on the island making a lot of noise and a couple of dolphins under the bridge which wouldn't of helped.

Well done.


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well done Vince :thumbup:

sure was good idea to hit MH eh....

i wish we had video of the mad kingy tango 2 step you done :074:

its hard enough dr solo with one rigger but 2 is just insane....

pitty things changed and i couldnt get out as it sounded like an awesome session and back by mid morning with a feed for all :yahoo: ...


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cheers guys, :beersmile:

steve it was heaps fun, i have learnt how to do the double hookup solo with downriggers ok but also saw the readings on the sounder.. mate there were a heap of them. Footage of dual downrigger action... humm you some how picked my mind. :biggrin2:

Mark, They keep mooving, use your sounder and trust me they have been there all winter as well

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Don't you just love it when your instinct pans out?

What lb leader were you using?

how can you not love it??? :1prop:

Mate i am over getting smoked, Hence the heavy gear, 80lb braid, 80lb fluro. I have found that it doesnt make much difference with lighter leader, still get hookups if they are active. In saying that next time i load a reel I will only put 60lb max.

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Do the squid have to be alive to down rig them?

Lets say I catch some squid then freeze it, is it possible to downrig them later dead?

Hi Andrew,

Mate The Squid Can Be Alive Or Dead, Preffrabley Alive Is Better In My opinion But If You have To freeze Make Sure You Keep Them Fresh. Try Snap Freezing Them Immediately After Catching Them , Put Them In Foil Wrap & Store Them Away For The next Time


Dr Dato

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