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They're Baaaaaack!


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Hi guys

Keith was competing in a club triathlon this morning at the Keys, so I took the yak down for a fish. I managed to find a bit of weed (for future use ...... is it everywhere there just now, but is a very 'weak' variety) & tossed a small 'bubblepop' popper around.

Before I even got into the yak, I tossed a Squidgy bug out on a very light jighead & it got smashed/missed, then hooked up to a small bream! Bodes good for the coming season!

Had lots of takes & chases, then finally landed my first popper bream of the season!

It took a few goes for this guy to hook himself


This time, the fish was all over it! I did the 'do nothing' retrieve, after the first 'blurp' & the bream did the rest :)


Can't wait to get out into the Breck Channel when they are back on again!



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:yahoo::yahoo: Well done Roberta. Good report and great photos!

It seems like the bream are hitting the surface lures earlier every year I reckon. Water temp down here at the moment is roughly 17 degrees, so they should start firing in the next couple of weeks. :thumbup:



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Gday Roberta

Nice work on the Bream with poppers :thumbup: I finally went to the korean tackle shop .I will send you up the Blackfish tackle box tomorrow :biggrin2:

Cheers Ben

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Howdy, first post.

I also live in the Forster area. It was an awesome today. I caught my first legal bream for the spring, well actually ever, down at Elizabeth beach of the rocks.

Got to love spring. :1fishing1:

Roberta actually put me onto this site when I was watching her do her stuff on the Blackfish in Forster with my little fella.

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:1welcomeani::1welcomeani: to Fishraider Slicendice! Well done on getting your first bream for the season! I'll be heading down the breakwall today till lunchtime, when Keith finishes art! :1prop:

Hey Carl - Keith did well in the tri - being a club event, it was handicapped to give the slower competitors a chance ....... Keith (being the oldest in the club) is still seeded in the 'B' group :1yikes: It goes from A - E & he just did it for 'fun'!! :biggrin2: We just had 2 of the best days ever! 30+ & looks like today will be similar!

Hodgey - this was in a very shallow part of the lake (where I normally can't take the hobie) so guess the water is much warmer.

Ben - ooooh, can't wait! :) Will be on the wall today & toss some cabbage around. It is finally growing back since all the sand that was dumped on them has 'gone' again! :)

Can't wait for the rest of the lake to fire up!



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Well done Roberta, no other way is better to catch bream than poppers!

IMO get rid of the clips and tie either a loop knot or if light enough direct to the lure.

You will catch more fish as the lure will sit more nose up tail down in the water with a better action to.


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What great photos Roberta. Surface fishing for anything is just so EXCITING. I always end up exhausted from just spending a day with my heart in my mouth, my adrenalin pumping, and the constant fear/excitement/anticipation/hope of a hit. It's like walking through a mine field waiting for an earth shattering KABOOM.


Great report... I'll have some of that kind of fishing please!!

Cheers, Slinky

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