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Daiwa Vs Shimano


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OK OK I am going to re-open the most talked about rivalry in any anglers life... the battle between DAIWA and Shimano, who is better and why?

I personally am a fan of DAIWA and believe the advancements in their gearing and components have come a very long way in the past few years and have left shimano behind. Dont get me wrong shimano make some great reels (stella) but i still feel DAIWA is just that one step ahead at all times in creating such powerful reels in such a finesse body.

I would love to hear all your feedback.


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Mate this type of thread has been argued over for a while, go through the history and you will see heaps of it......this thread will cause nothin but arguements

:dito: Oz is spot on, mate. Shimano v Daiwa, Mercury v Johnson, spin v baitcaster ... they all inevitably end up in arguments and :offtopic:


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