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Big King! Broken Bay 27/9

Guest Big-Banana

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Guest Big-Banana

Forecast looked great, so plan was to head to spot X down the coast which usually holds a lot of bait at this time of year, downrig with some fresh squid and see what jumped on and then to hit the flathead grounds for a feed.

Boat was packed and readied last night and I snuck in a few hours of sleep.

Up at 4:00am, packed all the bait and tackle, hitched up the Hilux and off we went. Looked like it was going to be a nice day

At the ramp at around 5:30ish and launched. A slight puff of wind, but apart from that, it looked the goods!

No liveys today, instead we shot straight out to this little spot, and got the downrigger set up. Put a big squid out and started the troll. To put it short, it was slow! Not much happening on the sounder and the water temp of 16 degrees was a bit disappointing.

Whilst doing our troll I started flicking around a 7" Gulp, casting at some boils up top which were right in tight against the rocks.

Perceviered for about 30 minutes but just as the decision was made to pack it in and move elsewhere we snagged the bomb, which wasn't too bad seeing as I'd gotten around 2 years of life from it. Makes me glad I don't have one of those expensive Sharks

While we were packing up, I had one last cast and tried a different retrieve.

It's always the last cast...

To see a King over a meter boof a lure on the surface is unreal, he had a few cracks, and the big bastard missed the lure 3 or 4 times. He wasn't alone, he had a few mates with him. Cast to another pack right in against the rocks. BANG! I'm on. Actually seeing the take was unreal.

On 20lb, in snaggy country, I didn't think I had much of a chance. His first run saw him stay up high in the water column, and we gave chase. It was a good 50-60m before he slowed up, and then he dove down deep. Bottom looked clean enough so I let him go, not that I had much of a choice

Fight was a bit of a stalemate for 5 minutes where the bugger wouldn't get off the bottom, then I felt the leader starting to shred, he found something snaggy...

I backed the drag off and had the boat swung around and pulled the fish from a different direction. He came free, but with 30lb leader and already damaged, I took it real easy. After another 5 minutes, he came to the surface. Wanting to release the fish we netted the fish, but he was all out of juice.

He went 104cm and 12.2kg and was my PB King. To see him take a lure off the surface was unreal and the hundreds of casts I've made all made it all worthwhile. Arms were stuffed after the 15 minute fight, but some smart boat driving made the job a little easier.

Had a few more casts with weary arms, yeah I know I'm soft.

No more luck there, but I was satisfied.

Good news for the Social blokes, there were patches of birds working in around a 5 kilometer square radius. I couldn't nail any on small metals and boy they were moving quick, very very flighty. We tried a troll but going nail any. Looked to be Salmon though.

Off to the Flathead ground where you guessed it, plagued with jackets. They were all small buggers, but a bit more patience and we ended up with 3 flathead around 50cm, we had more luck near Kilcare Wide. The fish came as soon as the drift went from South to North instead of West to East.

Saw an early season bush fire which smoked up the whole system near the rail bridges.

There looked to be a lost container ship which hung around the heads all day. I think he had the wrong port!

Off the water by 12:00pm and a day to remember


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Wow mate I'm exhausted from reading your report, that is a great fish and to watch it smash you as well, great work in the windy conditions as well.

I saw that big container thingee as well, never seen one that close in before and weren't the containers stacked high...

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Well done Banana,

great report, great fish and again I wonder why we sponsor those $10 plus glossy

magazines when a normal bloke like all of us on fishraider posts a report like this.

That takes the cake for sport fishing, boat handling and some good management.

Good onya mate.

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Guest Big-Banana

Thanks all!

Just another thing, they were "tailing" out of the water within half a meter to the rocks. Very similar to GT's on the flats.

The second King chasing was around 15kgs, so there are some bigger fish mixed in there.

He was full of micro Slimeys about the size of your palm.

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Thanks for the kind words guys, trying to hit Browns tomorrow :thumbup:

Nice Fish Anthony!

nothing beats landing a big king especially on relatively light line.

what gear were you using?

must have been a hell of fight

good on ya

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