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Living In The North


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Hi Nanook

Terrific photos - love the 'northern lights'!! Also the The Land of the midnight Sun! I still have a poster I bought there in '77 showing a 24hr montage of photos looking out to sea & the sun never dips below the horizen! Gorgeous!!

I seem to recall a book called 'under the northern lights' that we studied at school, many years ago! I think Nanook was one of the characters!!

What on earth was your job up there????


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Thanks for the comments everyone,

Roberta- I am a Nurse Practitioner.

Mrs Sword- Yes Nanook is the Inuktitut word for Polar Bear however it is spelled NANUQ. here is the spelling in the language: ᓇᓄᖅ

if anyone wants to know anything more, or how to get there etc, etc, then just ask I would be more than happy to tell you.


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:wacko: Once again mad pics. But the question is whys the sky have so much green in it. its unbelivable.

It is the Aurora Borealis ( Northern Lights). Those ones I have with the reds in them were taken in Cape Dorset on Baffin Island. There was a Solar Flare, so I knew that the light show would be awesome that night, so I went out of the community to take pics( not so much light from town), but as I was taking the photo a person drove by on their ATV...LOL!, hence the white streak at the bottom left of pic. I usually shoot at f2.0 -2.8 with around 25-40 second exposure, iso100. The grainy ones were shot without tripod at iso400 i think?. The light shows are on all of the time. Winter is the best time, and actually where I have been living for the last 2 years ( Fort Chipewyan) has awesome shows, and it is well South from the other places I have lived.



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