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Pb 43.5cm Hawkesbury Bream


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top fish mate I got its twin last week at wisemans!! mine came in like an old boot and didnt perform until it got near the boat and even then it gave up quick. My son caught one about the same size at the same spot in may and it did the same thing - very strange. glad to see yours went hard! well done they pull hard in shallow water eh!


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nice bream there mate, very nice

might be goin up to hawkesbury on sat, hiring a boat at brooklyn for the day

now im even more eager

if you dont mind me asking what did you catch it on

cheers jason

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got this fish on a small strip of fresh taylor (it was pestering me earlier).

i noticed the bream had a whole taylor in it's gut so it must have had taylor on it's mind! good luck.

cheers mate

will be sure to try some

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